What Are the Different Types of Styling Products for Dry Hair?

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There is a variety of styling products targeted specifically to those with dry hair that contain ingredients meant to add moisture back into the hair shaft, and lack those that could dry out the hair further. Specialized conditioners, including deep treatments and leave-in conditioners, are some of the most popular styling products for dry hair. Alcohol-free hairsprays and mousses also come in forms meant for dry hair. Serums and shine-enhancing sprays are often used to mask the signs of dry hair, although they may also help to moisturize it while doing so.

Deep conditioning treatments are some of the most commonly used styling products for dry hair. They are typically richer and more moisturizing than standard conditioners, and are most effective when left in the hair for several minutes to several hours. These styling products for dry hair usually give parched locks a high-dose of moisture, making hair more manageable, soft, and shiny.

Perhaps one of the most common styling products used by those seeking additional moisture for their hair is leave-in conditioner. This can come in the form of a spray, a lotion, or a cream, and is generally a thinner version of standard conditioner. Although this product is often not as potent moisture-wise as regular or deep conditioners, it has the added benefit of being able to stay in the hair for long lengths of time.


One of the most frequent issues faced by those with dry locks is the ingredients found in many popular hair products can be drying. For this reason, one of the most common styling products for dry hair is versions of standard products without these damaging ingredients. A prime example of this type of product is alcohol-free hairspray and mousse. Mousse and hairspray, when not marketed as styling products for dry hair, generally contain ingredients that can potentially strip the hair of moisture, or prevent moisture from penetrating the hair. These twists on popular products allow those with dry hair to reap many of the benefits of traditionally drying styling products without causing further damage to their locks.

Serums meant to seal the ends of dry hair or add shine to one’s hair typically aid in masking the signs of dry hair. Depending on the styling product for dry hair, these serums and shine-enhancing products may either simply temporarily relieve symptoms of dry hair, or aid in moisturizing the hair shaft while instantly making hair appear softer and more supple. These products often come in a clear oil-like form, though sprays and creams are also popular.


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