What are the Different Types of Store Management Jobs?

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Store managers play an important role in making sure a store runs properly. From resolving customer disputes to scheduling employees to work, a store manager has to wear many hats. There is a variety of store management jobs for almost every type of company due to the need to have effective management.

One of the common store management jobs is a clothing store manager. Among this manager's duties, he or she is expected to put out seasonal clothes and make store displays. Most clothing managers also handle human resource issues such as payroll, new employee training and count the money in cash registers.

A convenience store manager is another type of the store management job. Convenience stores sell products that people can quickly come in and purchase such as gasoline, magazines and food. The store manger at this location is in charge of overseeing transactions and resolving customer complaints. Since merchandising is crucial to this role, the store manager must be able to perform routine inventory tasks such as pricing items and removing out of date goods. Other tasks include negotiating contracts with vendors and monitoring gas prices for the pumps.


A drugstore manager works in a store that has merchandise such as first aid kits and beauty products and carries prescription drugs. The managerial position is responsible for maintaining the daily store operations and increasing sales. The drug store manager also works closely with the pharmacy manager regarding pharmaceutical purchases and quality control. Liquidating old products and marketing new items are also important duties for this professional. In addition, the drug store manager prepares store budgets, selects new products and implements company policies with staff.

Another type of store management jobs is a financial store manager who manages customer accounts. Some duties this finance professional may have include reviewing loan applications and approving customer accounts. Finance managers may work with different types of loans including home loans and vehicle loans. If account holders become delinquent on a loan, the finance manager will start collection proceedings to recover past due funds. Extra tasks this manager may perform are running credit checks and updating customer databases.

Since companies rely on store managers to make a profit, a person in one of these store management jobs has to be able to boost sales and meet store goals. A store manager would need to be able to carry out store polices and effectively maintain company standards. Interacting with employees and department managers is also necessary to run a store. Some companies offer training for this position while others expect the manager to have previous experience.


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