What are the Different Types of Stained Glass Hangings?

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There are many different types of stained glass hangings that can add color and aesthetic appeal to a room. These include small suncatchers for windows, window hangings designed to be placed in front of a window pane, or a larger wall hanging that is simply meant to act as a piece of art on the walls. Stained glass hangings may also be made out of leaded glass or art glass depending on a number of factors, which can affect quality, appearance, and price. In addition to hangings for windows or walls, there are also a number of stained glass candle holders, lamp shades, or wall sconces available in stained glass as well.

Suncatchers are the least expensive and perhaps the most common type of stained glass hangings. These are available in many different sizes and designs, though images such as flowers or birds are some of the most popular. These come in many different colors and may not even be made of glass; some are simply heavy plastic. They typically affix to the window with a simple suction cup, so they are easy to remove or move as needed. These can make a great gift for someone, and can be made using some simple craft supplies as well.


Other types of decorative stained glass hangings are larger, and these include window hangings or wall hangings. Stained glass window hangings are typically heavier and made of thicker glass, and may actually need to be mounted onto the window with hardware to ensure they do not fall off and break. These are a less expensive, and certainly less permanent, option than actually replacing the window with stained glass panels, but the hangings allow one to achieve a similar look. These are available in a number of different patterns and designs, though abstract patterns that make use of many different colors are often seen in windows.

Stained glass hangings for the wall are another option. These are often framed, in wood or other materials, to make them look more like a picture or painting. They may feature any image one desires, but there are usually blank spaces left in the glass to allow the wall color to shine through. This allows the stained glass wall hanging to coordinate well with any room or any color scheme used, while still adding a lot of decorative appeal to the area. These will also require mounting on the wall with hardware to be sure it doesn't fall off.


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