What are the Different Types of Spy Kits?

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There are many different types of spy kits, with most focusing on preparing a specific type of person for a specific kind of spy activity. Many times, these kits are designed for children during play, but there are kits designed for adults conducting covert surveillance activities. Professional spy equipment is usually not sold in kits but rather individually, because each piece is usually very technically advanced and quite expensive. In many cases, a kit will come with instructions and projects allowing the buyer to effectively use the included tools. There are many different types of spy operations, but spy kits sold to the general public usually do not cover complex operations that could threaten a government, focusing instead on personal surveillance.

Spy kits designed for children are among the most common types available. Usually, items included in these kits have limited functions, but can often be used recreationally to send secret messages or set up alarms. Sometimes children's spy kits emphasize the science involved in spy work and highlight collecting evidence such as fingerprints. These kits are usually less expensive than purchasing professional gear, but they usually do not meet the needs of adults.


For adults, there are also a number of spy kits available that accomplish basic surveillance needs. As an adult, a person runs the risk of legal trouble when conducting unauthorized surveillance operations, particularly if he intends to record and disperse information. Spy gear intended for adults often focuses on recording information or sending it safely. Some kits help record what goes on in a person's home when that person is away. Rather than focus on the scientific aspects of how this equipment works, adult spy kits most frequently focus on getting results.

Given the amount of sensitive information held in computers and online, spy kits that allow a person to get into this information are becoming increasingly popular. This type of spying can be accomplished with knowledge and programming, but it can also be done with gadgets. For instance, a device that logs keystrokes could give a spy access to sensitive passwords.

There are also kits designed to look very real but to have almost no functional use at all. Often, these kits are made for dressing up and playing spy rather than actually conducting a surveillance operation. Sometimes a spy kit may be made to resemble the tools used by a popular fictional spy. While it is usually fairly easy to tell if a spy kit is functional or not, it is important to specifically find out not only how the kit looks but also what it does to avoid disappointment.


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