What are the Different Types of Spice Racks?

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Spice racks are shelves or caddies designed to hold jars filled with dried herbs and spice powders. Though there are many models available, their purpose is the same: to provide convenient access to seasonings while one is cooking. A sampling of the different types of spice racks is provided below.

Each spice rack comes with an assortment of spice jars, filled and labeled for your convenience. While the amount of jars found in various spice racks differs depending on cost and model, one can expect to find essential staples such as parsley, oregano, paprika, garlic powder, basil, bay leaves and cumin in most models.

Wall mounted spice racks can be placed on the wall over counters or next to the stove where they can be the most convenient. The benefit of using wall mounted spice racks is that it frees up space on counters and shelves, leaving more room to work. There are many decorative models to choose from, so you won't have to worry about ruining your décor with something unsightly.


If you'd rather not give up the wall space, there are still plenty of options. Free standing spice racks or caddies might work better for you. Some of these spice racks have a Lazy Susan design, allowing the busy chef to turn the display and store jars of spices on all four sides. Other spice racks are free standing but only one sided. The type you purchase, of course, should be the one that works best in the available space.

For an uncluttered look, you might try spice racks that fit into kitchen drawers. These are handy because the spices are at your fingertips when needed, but can be closed away out of sight when company comes.

No matter which spice rack you choose, you'll need to keep certain things in mind. For instance, spices, and therefore spice racks, need to be kept out of the sun. When exposed to the sun and heat, herbs and spices can change color and texture and lose their flavor. For best results, store spices away from the sun and direct heat in a cool, dry place.

Make sure you take careful measurements prior to purchasing your spice rack. The last thing you'll want is to return a spice rack because it doesn't fit into the intended space.

Every well stocked kitchen should have a conveniently located spice rack. Once you install yours, you'll find you don't miss rummaging in your drawers and cabinets for elusive spices one bit!


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Post 3

@goldensky - You can do what I did and stick a couple of magnetic spice racks to your refrigerator. They're always right there close to the stove and you'll never have to waste time looking for the right spices anymore.

Or if you don't like the idea of exposing your spices then you can just attach the magnetic strips to the inside of your cupboard door. If you have a lot of spices you can put a carousel spice rack on the shelf as well. Just a thought.

Post 2

@goldensky - I used to have a cluttered up mess in my cupboard too until I purchased two of those tiered wire spice racks. They don't take up a lot of space and you can either stack them or set them side by side depending on the size of your cabinet. I love them!

Post 1

Help! I have a cabinet full of cluttered up spices of different sizes and shapes. I hate how they look and I can never find the spice I'm looking for when I need it. I want something that is clean, practical and where I have easy access to them at a glance. Any suggestions?

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