What Are the Different Types of Sperm Motility Treatment?

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One of the main causes of infertility in males is sperm motility, which means the sperm do not move forward as well as they should. The result is that they rarely reach the Fallopian tubes and, thus, have very little chance of fertilizing an egg. Some of the most common types of sperm motility treatment options tend to be expensive, including intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF), both of which can help a couple conceive. A cheaper option is supplementation with vitamins, such as ginseng, zinc and vitamin C. Another simple form of sperm motility treatment involves avoiding actions that tend to lower motility, including smoking, soaking in hot baths and exercising too often.


Some sperm motility treatment options concentrate on helping a couple conceive using medical procedures that bring the sperm directly to the egg instead of trying to improve the sperm's movement. For example, IUI requires a doctor to collect a semen sample from the man so it can be injected straight into the uterus. This means it does not have to travel through the cervix to get to the Fallopian tubes, making it more likely that the couple will conceive. If this does not work, IVF may be the next step; this involves taking the egg from the woman's body, collecting semen from the man, and joining the items in a test tube so conception is more likely to occur. While both procedures are typically known for being complex and expensive, IVF is often considered more in-depth and, therefore, costlier than IUI.

It is possible to try sperm motility treatment at home, without spending much money. For instance, men with unhealthy sperm often have low levels of vitamin C and zinc, so taking supplements or ingesting more food with these nutrients can help. Ginseng also is said to help increase sperm motility. Some men may be interested in taking combination pills, which have several vitamins and are marketed toward those battling decreased sperm motility. Patients are encouraged to know all the ingredients involved and consult their doctor before taking any medication.

Avoiding certain actions also can count as an effective sperm motility treatment. For example, those trying to conceive are often told to quit smoking to give their sperm the best shot at motility. Extreme heat also is considered unhealthy for those trying to increase sperm motility, so hot baths, hot tubs, and saunas are usually to be avoided. While working out is typically considered healthy, too much exercise can reduce sperm motility, which is why one simple treatment option is to avoid too much exercise.


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