What are the Different Types of Speeding Penalties?

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Different types of speeding penalties exist in different areas, but the most common type of penalty is a fine. Sometimes, information about the offense is recorded in some way on a person's driving record, which can have negative effects on later fines and the cost of insurance. Some areas employ systems that can result in loss of a license for repeat offenders. It is very rare for speeding penalties to include jail time, but in certain cases this is possible.

The most common types of speeding penalties are fines, determined by many different fine structures. Many areas have guidelines for determining fines that are the same for everyone, but some areas determine speeding tickets based on income. Fines may be reduced for first-time offenders, and leniency may be offered depending on the circumstances of the incident. Almost all speeding penalties include fines as an aspect of the penalty, but many go beyond a simple monetary issue.

Recording that a person has been involved in a speeding incident is another type of penalty. This can make it more difficult to obtain leniency if a person speeds again or can increase the cost of insurance. In the end, these speeding penalties can be more costly than the fine itself. Courts often offer ways in which the incident can be removed from a person's record. Attending driving school is one way in which many people avoid this part of the penalty.


In some areas, a certain number of speeding offenses can result in the loss of a person's license. Typically, driving violations are marked on a person's record in some way, and a certain number of incidents may result in loss of driving privileges. Frequently, these programs also have ways for a driver to reduce the severity of the offenses on his or her record, usually through good behavior or attending courses. For some drivers, courses may be mandatory in order to regain driving privileges.

Beyond the typical speeding penalties present in an area, there may also be unusual cases as well. Speeding is not typically an event associated with jail time, but a person can receive jail time for this type of incident in some areas if, for example, the trial goes to a jury. Contesting a speeding penalty and losing can often result in an even worse penalty, so many people elect to take the first penalty no matter how high. Some areas are happy to reduce or remove speeding penalties when challenged in court, while others may not budge at all, so it is a good idea to ask around in order to gauge a person's chances of succeeding in this venture.


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