What are the Different Types of Sore Throat Treatments?

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Types of sore throat treatments will generally vary according to the cause of the symptoms. If the sore throat is due to a bacterial infection, antibiotic treatment may be necessary. If a sore throat is caused by tonsillitis, a tonsillectomy may be recommended by the patient's physician. Sore throat remedies to treat mild symptoms may include gargling with an antiseptic rinse or using a throat lozenge.

Some individuals may suffer from sore throat pain or a sore mouth after undergoing surgery, such as a tonsillectomy. A tonsillectomy generally involves removing the tonsils, often recommended due to chronic infections and inflammation. It is common to experience some discomfort and sore throat pain after such a procedure. In these cases, sore throat treatment may involve sucking on ice or dissolving a medicated throat drop slowly in the mouth. Drinking extra fluids, especially cool liquids may also relieve some discomfort.

Many individuals find that popsicles and ice water provide soothing relief from mild sore throat pain. These types of sore throat treatments are especially good for children, who often view popsicles as a treat. Some experts believe it's best to avoid dairy products, such as milk and ice cream, after a surgery or when there is infection present. This is because dairy may cause excessive mucus or phlegm in certain individuals.


Honey is known to soothe irritated throat passages and may also contain healing properties. Many people believe that honey has natural antiseptic qualities, making it an excellent choice for sore throat treatments. Honey can be taken straight from the bottle or mixed into a beverage such as warm tea. Doctors advise, however, to refrain from giving honey to infants younger than 12 months of age.

Some throat specialists recommend that patients with severe sore throat adhere to a liquid diet for 24 hours. The physician may recommend not to consume any solid foods that may cause further irritation or scratch the throat. Avoiding foods that have a high acidic content may also be among the sore throat treatments recommended.

Sore throat treatments that help with pain associated with allergies include avoiding substances that cause the symptoms. If a person is allergic to pollen and ragweed, part of the treatment may include taking an antihistamine. When exposure to allergens is reduced or eliminated, the patient may find his sore throat symptoms have subsided.

If a person suffers from sore throat and dry mouth associated with open mouth breathing, treatment may include the use of a decongestant. This may allow the individual to breathe freely through the nose, thus causing less throat irritation from dryness. Using a cool mist humidifier during winter months when the home becomes dry because of central heating may also help ease sore throats.


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Post 2

I tend to get a sore throat from sinus drainage and I use salty water, too. It really helps.

Sometimes I get tonsil stones, and those will make my throat sore. Usually, gargling will loosen them and I can get rid of them. They're aggravating.

If I have an actual sore throat from an infection, my ears will invariably hurt, and I know it's time to see a doctor. I don't get infection-related sore throats as often as I used to, but, when I do, they're usually nothing to play around with. I'd still rather have that than an upset stomach though. At least I can still function with a sore throat.

Post 1

Gargling with warm, salty water is one of the best home remedies for a sore throat. The water should be warm, but not hot. Chicken soup also works well for a sore throat.

When you can find it, Chloraseptic spray helps numb the throat, and so does Listerine mouthwash. It may sting at first, but gargling with it may help numb the throat tissues a little, too.

Cough drops can help ease the pain of a sore throat. They moisten the tissues and also may numb them a little. I like them when I have to sing a lot, since my throat might get a little sore.

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