What Are the Different Types of Sociology Fellowships?

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For the aspiring or even accomplished sociologist, there are many opportunities for sociology fellowships. A fellowship is a scholarship or position, usually in temporary form, to pursue academic or personal interests in a particular field. Many times, fellowships require that the recipient upholds to a standard or code of conduct and accomplishes particular responsibilities. In the field of sociology, there are many fellowships to help recipients travel, study, research, or teach.

The best way to find sociology fellowships that may be of interest is to consider personal accomplishments within the field. Most fellowships are designed for a particular demographic. For example, there may be postdoctoral fellowships, in which case the recipient could work on staff at a college or university, teaching and conducting research for a set amount of time. There are also student fellowships, too, set up exclusively for students in the field to pursue a different setting for study.

Research fellowships are also available to many sociologists, offering them funding to further sociology through research. Grants are somewhat similar to sociology fellowships. They usually cover funding, however, while fellowships are generally all-encompassing programs. Sometimes, these terms are used interchangeably to describe different opportunities in academia.


Sociology is a very unique field because it emphasizes societal study. This means it is very important to understand differences in societies. Many sociology fellowships are travel related for this reason, offering scholars in the field opportunities to travel and understand different cultures and ways of life.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of sociology fellowships. The best way to stay informed on possible opportunities is to utilize school or public resources. There are a number of sociology organizations as well with online presences that can be tapped to find out more information. Most fellowships differ in compensation amount, duration, and purpose of program.

Another great way to learn about opportunities is to network with professionals or past fellows. Those who have already participated in fellowship programs are likely to know of more opportunities than a novice. Fellowships can provide wonderful opportunities for academic advancement and professional growth. Additionally, they may even lead from one to another. Some professionals in the field of sociology work exclusively on part-time grants and fellowship-based programs, moving to the next opportunity as soon as the last one has been completed.


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