What are the Different Types of Smartphone Accessories?

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Purchasing a smartphone can be a costly investment, and a number of smartphone accessories exist that can protect the screen and body from all kinds of damage. Other smartphone accessories aim to enhance or facilitate the use of the phone's features and applications or to customize the device to fit the owner's aesthetic sense.

One of the more practical smartphone accessories is a screen protector. Smartphone screens are usually manufactured with high quality material to provide an optimal visual experience, but just a few scratches, dings, and cracks can mar the screen and render it unusable. Screen protectors are made of clear, resilient film that adheres to the screen and appears to be nearly invisible. To protect the entire body of the phone, smartphone cases are sold in a number of build variations. They are usually made of silicon or plastic and offer various levels of protection. These cases can, however, also be stylish and attractive, with artistic designs or constructed of luxurious materials like leather.


Smartphones are often equipped with a number of features unrelated to voice communication. These include internet capabilities, a music player, and a database of entertaining and useful applications, all of which give the smartphone even more versatility. Headphones that plug directly into the phone transform it into a portable mp3 player, while frequency modulation (FM) tuners allow songs stored on the phone to be transmitted over an FM station on a car radio. Headsets, designed with both safety and efficiency in mind, are available that allow the user to speak to someone without holding the phone. Data cables that link the phone to a computer facilitate the transfer of photos, music, documents, and other files from one device to the other.

Other practical smartphone accessories include car chargers that charge the phone's battery through the car outlet. Some accessories extend the battery life by acting as a separate, temporary battery source that is independently charged and to which the phone can be attached when its battery dies. External keyboards, monitors, and other smartphone accessories that enhance the phone's computing abilities are also available.


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Post 2

@Melonlity -- fortunately, there are ways to protect that glass screen without slapping a protector over it. First of all, the screens used in smartphones are usually tougher than your average glass and that was by design. They were made with the notion that people would carry keys and such in their pockets with their phones so the screens had to be scratch resistant. They can be knocked around a bit, too, due to newer technologies used to treat glass and make it somewhat break resistant.

Also, one of the main ways screens get broken is to drop phones face first so the screen takes the bulk of the impact. A good case has a rigid bezel surrounding it for

the express purpose of making sure that bezel will absorb the impact of a "face first" drop.

So, those who like the "feel" of glass can have it and still protect their screens from normal use. Of course, caution is still advised -- dropping a cell phone can still result in a broken screen or other components with even the most protective cases on the market.

Post 1

There's a problem with a screen protector -- some people just like the feel of glass and a piece of plastic film can ruin that tactile experience. Perhaps only a small percent of the population will be bothered by touching plastic instead of glass, so that might not be a consideration for most people.

Still, some of the more high end cases utilize screen protectors. Those can be removed easily for those who hate the way plastic feels.

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