What are the Different Types of Small Bedroom Storage?

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Finding small bedroom storage can be a challenge, but it is fundamentally important to make efficient use of all existing space. With the use of multipurpose furniture as well as storage systems, creating small bedroom storage can be made much easier. Depending on the size of the bedroom, one of the best ways to increase storage and save space is to mount items on the wall; shelves that are mounted high on the wall can be used to store rarely used items while taking up virtually no living space.

Two of the best areas for small bedroom storage are under the bed and in the closet. Some children's beds, and, to a lesser extent, full-size beds, come with built-in drawers and storage areas under the bed or within the headboard. These may be utilized to store frequently used items, or even seasonal items that are rarely used. Of course, it is not necessary to purchase special furniture to utilize space under the bed. Wide, flat storage bins are an excellent option for storage under the bed, and are frequently used to store shoes or clothing because they are protected yet easy to access.


Closets are another great source of small bedroom storage, but again, it is important to make efficient use of the space available. Closet systems that can be installed into small spaces are an excellent option, as these often provide racks and shelves of different sizes and widths to accommodate different items. Some small bedrooms do not include closets, however, so it will be necessary to think of some other small bedroom storage options. Freestanding pieces of furniture, such as hutches or cabinets, can sometimes be used in smaller bedrooms that do not include closets. A simple freestanding rack may also be used for small bedroom storage.

Another way to make use of the space available is to purchase hanging bags for the backs of doors. A hanging bag for shoe storage can be placed on the back of a bedroom or closet door, keeping the shoes out of the way as well as making walking area more visually appealing. In addition, installing shelving on the walls is one of the best ways to increase small bedroom storage. This shelving can potentially reach from the floor to the ceiling, and can include shelves of varying sizes. This will not only make the shelving more aesthetically appealing, but will add to its practical use as well.


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