What are the Different Types of Skin Cancer Creams?

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There are numerous types of skin cancer creams, but the most common are efudex, aldara, cymilium, and various home remedies. Due to the frequent occurrence of this disease, skin cancer creams are constantly being created and manufactured. There is a large variety available to ensure that each individual receives sufficient treatment for his or her condition. Most skin cancer creams may have mild side effects but have proven to be extremely effective in relieving symptoms, killing cancerous cells, and reducing other discomforts associated with skin caner.

Efudex, also referred to as fluorouracil, is prescribed for superficial basal cell carcinoma, which is one of the most common types of skin cancer. It is a chemotherapy medication that works on killing cancerous cells over a short period of time. Directions for use usually include applying the cream to the affected area twice a day for up to 12 weeks. Most side effects reported are in reference to the changing of the skin on the affected area, which is generally considered normal and does not require medical attention. Serious side effects may include stomach pain, fever, and vomiting.


Aldara is used to treat temporary skin conditions caused by overexposure to the sun and most forms of skin cancer. This medication belongs to a class called immune response modifiers, which increase the function of the immune system. It was originally formulated to treat genital warts, but testing proved that it could also be used to treat superficial basal cell carcinoma. The application process is usually prescribed once a day, twice a week for 16 weeks. Side effects could include back pain, headache, swelling, and fatigue.

Cymilium is an over-the-counter drug often used for various insect bites. Ammonia, urea, stearic acid, pancreatin, and aloe vera are the active ingredients that make cymilium one of the most effective skin cancer creams sold in stores. This cream affects cell membranes and alerts the body's defense system to malfunctioning cells. The combination of ingredients eliminates cancerous cells and repairs damaged skin.

The most common home remedy is coconut oil and melatonin skin cancer creams. This concoction mixes green tea extract, coconut oil or milk, and melatonin, which is usually found in the vitamin section of grocery stores. Products for this remedy are affordable and readily available at most local stores. These three ingredients work together with natural body mechanisms to reduce symptoms in the affected area. People should thoroughly research all home remedies before attempting use.


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Post 2

@bagley79 - I had a couple areas of skin cancer on my ear from being exposed to the sun. If you look online for home based remedies, you will find all kinds of creams and lotions you can try.

I sifted through many of them, and decided to try tincture of iodine. This doesn't work with all skin cancer types, but I had read several places where it worked with the type of skin cancer I had.

I applied this several times a day and did have good results with it. It is not a fast working remedy, but you should gradually see changes over a period of weeks. Finally, the areas of cancer were gone and have not


Still, this is nothing to mess around with, and I would always consult your doctor. I think home remedies are a good thing to try, but if you aren't getting the results you need, don't put off being seen by a professional.

Post 1

My husband had an area of basal cell carcinoma on his shoulder that he had removed. After this was cut out, he was prescribed Efudex for his skin cancer treatment cream.

He has worked outside most of his life, so although I was not completely surprised he had skin cancer, this was in a place on his body that rarely sees the sun.

He never worked with his shirt off, and it just seems strange this is the area where he had the cancer.

It also makes him much more aware of making sure he has sunscreen on and protecting his face and arms that do get a lot of sun.

He didn't have any side effects from using the cream, and the area healed up nicely in a few weeks, without any problems since.

Has anyone had good success with using any home remedies for a skin cancer treatment?

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