What Are the Different Types of Shrimp Salad?

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There are many different types of shrimp salad. Shrimp can be served upon a bed of greens, such as lettuce or spinach, or the salad may be completely void of any greens whatsoever. For instance, it may be creamy, similar to chicken salad. It can also be French-style, similar to a tuna nicoise salad. The salad can also be full of seasonal vegetables, or it may contain an abundance of tropical fruit.

One of the healthiest and most popular types of shrimp salad contains grilled shrimp. Generally, the grilled shrimp is placed upon a bed of greens. The salad might contain such ingredients as tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables. The dressing may be anything from vinaigrette to creamy ranch to honey mustard. It can contain croutons, bits of bacon, and even cheese, although these items diminish the healthful nature of the salad.

Some types of shrimp salad will not contain any greens at all. For example, one version of shrimp salad contains a variety of tropical fruits, such as pineapple, mango, and papaya. The fruit is mixed with avocado, bell peppers, and cilantro. Once the cooked shrimp is added, an oil and vinegar dressing is sprinkled on the salad to complete it.


Other types of shrimp salad recipes are heavy in seasonal vegetables. For example, in early spring, the cooked shrimp can be mixed with fava beans, corn, avocados, asparagus, and tomatoes. Other times of the year, the shrimp could be mixed with roasted root vegetables, creating an autumn salad. Typically, these salads are misted with a light salad dressing, such as a blend of vinegar and oil.

Some people may prefer a French-styled shrimp salad, similar to tuna nicoise. This salad is served over a sparse bed of greens. The bulk of the salad contains red potatoes, green beans, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, hard-boiled egg quarters, and olives. The salad dressing is typically a tangy vinaigrette, but it may vary according to the preferences of the consumer.

There are plenty of versions shrimp salads that are creamy in nature, similar to chicken salad. They typically contain celery; onion; lemon juice; mayonnaise; and spices, such as garlic and onion powder. These salads often are served on greens or on bread.

Shrimp is not always the only meat source for many types of shrimp salad. For example, some types of shrimp salad contain calamari, scallops, or other types of seafood. Others may contain cuts of bacon, steak, or even chicken. Many times, the salads will be mixed with protein packed white beans as well.

The salads may also be mixed with a variety of pastas. For example, shrimp can be combined with macaroni pasta, celery, and mayonnaise to create a shrimp macaroni salad. With this type of salad, the shrimp can be boiled, grilled, fried, or broiled.


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In relation to the second to last paragraph, I really like how it's emphasized that many salads that have a specific name generally don't have only that type of meat or food item. In other words, the article does a good job at pointing out that there can be many sources for shrimp salad, and not just shrimp itself. This gives the dish a lot of variety, and it really shows how diverse salads really are. For example, you can be eating a chicken salad, only to find out that it has tuna fish and bacon bits in it as well. Overall, it's the things like this that make it all the more worthwhile.

Post 2

@Hazali - Well, you do make some good points, especially in reference to the quality of the seafood. Not to mention that many restaurant salads tend to be a lot more fattening than the homemade kind. Speaking of which, if you reread the article, you can also see that it's basically discussing how to make your own salads at home, which may take more time, but it's not bought in stock, and the quality is much more efficient. Even if you've never grilled shrimp before, the process probably wouldn't be too hard, and it would also be a good learning experience.

Post 1

After reading this article, the next time I go out to eat, I may see if there is a shrimp salad available. However, I've always believed that one problem is that it depends on what type of seafood restaurant you go to. For example, if you go to one by the lake, the seafood is mostly fresh, and the taste is of a higher quality. However, if you were to go to a place such as Red Lobster, some of which are located nowhere near the coast, you might notice a dip in quality. Overall, before diving into the world of restaurants, I think the best bet would be to check the online reviews and make a decision on the quality of the food.

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