What Are the Different Types of Shower Shelves?

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There are many different types of shower shelves available to people who want to organize their shower space. The shelves vary widely in where they are located, how they are held in place, what materials are used to make them, and their size and shape. Recessed shelving also is a possibility and is accomplished by cutting a hole into the shower wall. This style can have a more finished, permanent look, but it also is more work and more expensive.

Often, shower shelves are located in the corner of the shower. These units typically fit most standard sized showers. Although the most popular corner shelves are comprised of a single shelf, there are also tiered options that are available. The single corner shelf is ideal for a person who wants a place to put a few small items, as there may not be enough room for larger items. These are often held into place via suction, forcing the weight of the shower supplies to become an important factor in keeping the unit in place.

The tiered corner shower shelves typically contain anywhere from three to five shelves, depending on the brand and design. The benefit is that additional shower supplies can be shelved. These units are typically held in place via tension at the top and bottom of the unit. Specifically, the ceiling and the corner of the shower usually anchor the pole on which the shelves are hung.


Many people install shower shelves directly onto their shower walls. Wall units can be comprised of a single shelf, or they can have multiple shelves, making a well-attached unit capable of holding a large number of shower supplies. Some units even contain a towel bar. These units are best for people who feel comfortable installing a bracket on the wall to hold the shelves in place. Small wall-mounted shower shelves can be held on by suction as well, but they may not be able to hold as many heavy supplies.

One of the best and most permanent types of shower shelves is recessed shelving. Typically, a hole is cut into the shower wall and shelves are installed within the recessed area. There are pre-manufactured recessed shelving units that can be purchased from home improvement stores, making the process a little simpler. Tile or stone also can be laid across the back of the recessed shelving, giving it a luxurious appearance.

Shower shelves can be found in a variety of materials, including plastic, chrome, nickel, brass, glass, and teak. Metal shelves are usually durable, but must be made of quality materials so that they do not rust. Likewise, glass shower shelves should be made of tempered glass so they won't break if a shelf falls to the ground. Plastic shelves may not last as long as other varieties, but may be the least expensive. Shelves made of wood, such as teak, may look unique, but may be more expensive.


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