What Are the Different Types of Security Specialist Jobs?

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The different types of security specialist jobs include positions in information technology (IT) security, physical security, and various positions in law enforcement. Security specialists are tasked with protecting people, property, and information. IT security specialists work mainly to safeguard and secure computers and information systems and the people working within this highly technical field. Those security specialist jobs related to physical security may include couriers, on-site security, or personal bodyguards. Many people trained in security specialist jobs start out in the military and may end up employed in some area of civilian law enforcement.

Those seeking security specialist jobs in the IT field will need some specialized IT-related knowledge and training. Most probably have earned an associate's or bachelor's degree in computer technology, information technology, or network infrastructure security. Security specialists need to have knowledge of computer systems design, programming, system architecture, telecommunications, and cryptography. A specific certification may also be required for those aspiring to work in these security specialist jobs. Certifications and training assist security specialists in learning everything possible regarding the security of operating systems and computer networks of any size.


Bodyguards may be the most obvious type of all the security specialist jobs, but there are many other types of security jobs designed to protect people and physical property. Many in this specialized area of security find these jobs to be physically demanding and mentally stimulating. Individuals serving in these security specialist jobs are highly trained and certified in one or more styles of hand-to-hand combat or martial arts. Minimal requirements may include an associate's degree in physical security and law enforcement from an accredited college or training facility. Other positions in this area include estate security, executive protection, security guards, workplace violence prevention officers, and other physical security-related jobs.

Many security specialists begin training in the armed forces as military police or other types of law enforcement or in positions dealing with security. Military law enforcement training provides the necessary defensive combat techniques that may be helpful to those looking to work in civilian law enforcement and security specialist jobs. Security specialists trained in the military may have received specialized training in working with K-9 units, surveillance, and criminal investigation.

Providing this type of security service for the government means enforcing the laws of that government, sometimes in that country, sometimes overseas. Those serving in these law enforcement jobs may be employed the US Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or some other government agency.


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