What Are the Different Types of Screwdriver Holders?

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Screwdrivers are often one of the most commonly used tools in many home workshops and garages. Most hobbyists and mechanics appreciate easy access to their tools as well as safe storage and often use screwdriver holders to keep their tools at the ready. Screwdriver holders range in size from models for one tool to holders designed to accommodate large sets of tools.

Screwdriver holders for a workshop or garage can be store-bought or homemade. The advantage to making screwdriver holders is the ability to customize the holders so they are secure and properly placed while still being easy to access. Homemade holders are often made of wood. Typically, they are simply a board with holes drilled into it that allow the shaft of the screwdriver to slip through until the wider handle area is reached and stops the screwdriver from slipping all the way through the hole. Homemade holders can also be crafted from metal and heavy-duty plastic.


Many tool owners and mechanics use pegboard mounted on a wall and a series of hooks to store their tools. Store-bought screwdriver holders can be simple, metal rings with prongs on the back that are designed to fit into pegboard attached to a wall. The metal holders range in size from a single slot for one tool to multiple slots for holding an array of screwdrivers and other tools. The rings will often vary in size in order to accommodate storage of very small to very large screwdrivers. Some of the holders can also be used with pegboard anchors, which are small, plastic plugs that are inserted into the pegboard holes to help secure the holder to the pegboard in order to offer more stability.

Some styles of screwdriver holders are magnetic, which enable the screwdrivers to be stored with the blade end up, allowing the user to quickly identify the desired type of screwdriver for their project. Rectangular, block-shaped holders are designed to sit on a workbench. They typically have several slots to store specialized sets of screwdrivers in one location for safe, portable storage and easy access.

In addition to holders designed to be used in a workshop, work truck or garage, some screwdriver holders are made to be worn. Many tool pouches are made from leather, which offers durability and does not damage the blades of the tools. These pouches typically have a notched end for the user to thread a belt through, and then the tools are inserted into circular, leather loops or openings. These types of screwdriver holders can typically accommodate other types of tools as well as screwdrivers, making them a versatile accessory.


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