What Are the Different Types of RV Resorts?

Elizabeth West

Recreational vehicle (RV) resorts range from the simplest rustic parking space with no utility hookups to private clubs with gracious amenities. Mid-level campgrounds and parks where most people stay provide utility hookups and free wireless Internet for the convenience of guests. For those living or traveling in high-end vehicles, luxury RV resorts may have pools, RV service technicians, and permanent residency for those who choose the RV lifestyle. RV clubs offer discounts on camping fees and rentals to their members.

A Class A RV.
A Class A RV.

Many government owned parks have campgrounds nearby that cater to both traditional campers and RV owners. Utility hookups, including electric, water, and sewer, are usually available, as are tent spaces and cabins for people who don’t own RVs. Since more people are communicating via wireless technology, many resorts have wireless Internet connections. Although some may be free, others will charge a fee ranging from $15 US Dollars (USD) to $50 USD, which may or may not include Internet. They may be government-run or independently owned by franchisees.

A luxury RV resort may have a swimming pool.
A luxury RV resort may have a swimming pool.

A higher class of RV resorts are those with concrete pads for the vehicles, permanent bathhouses, and onsite laundry rooms. They are usually located within walking distance to shops and restaurants, and may have a store where campers can purchase groceries and sundries. Staff members provide assistance to guests on where to hook up or how to find the nearest shops and tourist spots. Monthly or seasonal prices are usually offered as well as per-night fees.

While most people with smaller rigs prefer publicly-available campgrounds, people with a large RV or those who live permanently in them may prefer members-only RV resorts. They can be run on a time-share arrangement or offer permanent ownership and residency. These resorts may restrict the use of the site to Class A vehicles, which are larger and nicer RVs. Luxury RV resorts also have staff members who arrange activities, including dinners, concerts, trips, and parties.

Choosing RV resorts when planning a trip will usually require reservations. Parks fill up fast, especially during prime vacation months when families go on the road. Club memberships offer discounts on site rental and camping fees, and there may be some peak season restrictions. High-end clubs offer access to luxury RV resorts not otherwise available to the average camper. Vehicles may be restricted to a certain type or length in some of the upscale resorts.

Some RV resorts are located in rustic woodland setting with few amenities.
Some RV resorts are located in rustic woodland setting with few amenities.

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