What are the Different Types of Running Equipment?

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Running equipment can include everything from running clothes and a supportive pair of sneakers to a pedometer or MP3 player. Of course, it is not necessary to purchase a great deal of running equipment to have a great run and an excellent aerobic workout, but some people find it to be helpful. The most important piece of running gear one can purchase is a good pair of running sneakers.

Running sneakers should be light but very supportive. It is best to purchase sneakers that are specially designed for runners, and replace them every few months if one is a regular runner. Make sure that the feet hit the ground in a straight stride when wearing the shoes. Feet should not over- or under-pronate, which means to roll inward or outward. If this occurs, search for sneakers designed to prevent pronation, or purchase insoles to fit inside the shoes.

Aside from running sneakers, fitness clothes are other important types of running equipment. Wear clothes that are comfortable and relatively form fitting, and be sure they are weather appropriate to prevent becoming too hot or too cold. Choose fitness clothes that are designed to wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing. A running hat or earband might be helpful in cold winter weather.


Running equipment such as reflectors or a small LED keychain for a jacket are important for safety when running outside at night. In addition, wear running goggles or sunglasses when running on a sunny day to prevent damage to the eyes. For long runs, a hydration belt is a common piece of running equipment, which allows runners to carry water bottles and power bars with them to prevent dehydration.

A pedometer is another common type of running equipment. These come in basic, inexpensive designs that simply count steps to more expensive ones that also can track calories burned or heart rate. Others come equipped with a GPS receiver, and can track the terrain that was traveled as well as distance and speed. Heart rate monitors are also sold separately from pedometers, and can also be very helpful.

An MP3 player loaded with an inspiring playlist is another piece or running equipment that can make runs more enjoyable. The types and amount of equipment used is a matter of personal preference, and depends largely on the frequency and type of runs that one does. If one is serious about running, however, there are a number of pieces of fitness equipment that can be very beneficial.


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