What are the Different Types of Restaurant Franchise?

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There are many types of restaurant franchise opportunities from which a person may choose. Among the main categories, however, are full-service restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and restaurants or coffee shops that are somewhere in between the two. The type of restaurant franchise a person chooses will usually depend on his personal preferences and experience in the restaurant business as well as the location in which he wants to open a business and the consumer market there. Additionally, cost may influence a person's decision when it comes to which type of restaurant franchise he chooses to buy.

Full-service restaurant franchises are those that offer table service and a full selection of foods, desserts, drinks, and wines from which diners may choose. This type of restaurant usually caters to the needs of its customers and allows them to pay at the end of their meal. Often, these restaurants have hosts or hostesses and take great pains with creating a dining atmosphere that will be appealing for their customers. Full-service restaurants usually also have reusable dishes, glassware, and silverware instead of the disposable versions found at some other types of restaurants.


Many people are very familiar with the fast food type of restaurant franchise. These restaurants allow consumers to buy food that is prepared quickly and do not usually provide table service. In fact, fast food restaurant franchises usually require their customers to approach a counter to pay for their food in advance; many provide drive-through service as well. The food is typically served in disposable containers along with disposable utensils and condiments so that the consumer can throw it all way after eating. After paying for his meal, a customer may choose to take his meal away from the restaurant to eat it or dine in the restaurant.

There are also many types of restaurant franchise options that are not quite fast food but are also not considered full service. For example, this type may include cafes that feature relaxed atmospheres and require customers to order over a counter, choosing items such as coffee, pastries, and specialty sandwiches. There are also fast-casual restaurant franchises that allow customers to order over the counter and receive their meals in disposable dishes yet have gourmet menus or serve specialty foods. Some of them even have open kitchens so customers can see their food as it's prepared. Often, the menus in these restaurants are more extensive than those offered by fast-food establishments, but the meals are often cheaper than those sold in full-service restaurants.


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Post 3

I would like to open a chain Greek restaurant and hopefully open it up for franchising in the future. Has anyone ever seen fast food Greek before?

I think it makes a lot of sense. You could have gyros, pita and humus and all kinds of other Greek delicacies that are cheap to make and sell and delicious and portable for the customer. I think this is a million dollar idea. Who agrees with me?

Post 2

I have heard the story of franchising told both ways. I have heard that it is an easy way to tap into established markets and that it is a great opportunity for first time business owners because so many of the unknowns have been taken care of for you.

I have also heard that the franchising bodies often establish incredibly unfair terms and that you end up running business to make other people money. Some of my friends have told me that franchising is for suckers.

So who is right? Is this a great opportunity or just a big trick?

Post 1

Drive down the highway. Pretty much every restaurant you see will be available for franchise. And you might be surprised by what is on offer. Franchising is a more widely used business model than people expect. We think of McDonald's and Subway but there are franchise businesses that have only a couple of hundred locations

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