What are the Different Types of Resort Amenities?

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Resorts, especially those that offer all-inclusive packages, are often trying to outdo one another with the amenities that the offer, which vary quite a bit depending on the size, location, and specialization of the resort. Some of the most common resort amenities include swimming pools, gymnasiums, spas, restaurants, and tours of nearby attractions. The quality of these amenities and the specific types of experiences that they provide are usually determined with the quality of the resort and the resort's specialties. A skiing resort, for example, might feature a heated pool and skiing instruction and passes for guests.

Some resort amenities have to do with the individual units that guests occupy. Some resorts include kitchens of various sizes in all of their units. Other sorts of amenities may include hot tubs and fire places. In some cases, such amenities may only be available in select units within the resort.

To learn about resort amenities at a vacation destination, visit the resort website. Amenities are among the most featured items on these websites and often include photos meant to entice people to book a vacation package. To learn more about the amenities, read customer reviews. This is a great way to find out if the resort and all of its amenities are all that the resort website and promotional materials claim.


It is becoming more common for resort amenities to include spas. The sizes of the spas and the services that they offer many vary quite a bit, however. A very small spa may only offer pedicures, manicures, and chair massages. A more well-appointed spa is likely to include a full menu of services including massage, facials, and hair styling. Those attached to the spa may include steam rooms, saunas, and hot and cold plunging pools.

Before booking a vacation package at a resort, make sure to find out whether all of the resort amenities will be accessible. In some cases resorts reserves certain amenities for guests who book specific kinds of packages. It is better to know this up front so that one does not arrive only to find out that the cannot enjoy the amenities that he was looking forward to.


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