What are the Different Types of Refresher Course?

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Taking a refresher course can be very helpful for a person who is reentering a past profession or just wanting to brush up on a certain skill. Refresher courses are available for different topics ranging from accounting to scuba diving. Some courses may have required prerequisites before a person is able to enroll in the class. Also there may be an enrollment fee to attend the class. Courses for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), nursing, and computers are some of the different types of refresher courses.

The act of CPR is a medical life-saving action that may be administered to a person who has stop breathing. A refresher course for CPR normally is available to people who hold a previous CPR certification. The course typically reviews the basic CPR process and usually lasts no more than one day. Once a person has completed the course and has passed the required skill test, she may receive a recertification card or certificate. These courses may be offered at local hospitals, community health centers, and online.


Nursing refresher courses are available for registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN). If a former nurse is interested in reentering the nursing field, she may elect to take a refresher course to brush up on her nursing skills. Most of the courses provide several hours of classroom training and hands-on clinical training in a medical setting such as a hospital. The cost of the course may vary based on the location and type of nursing specialty selected. It usually is recommended that a nurse does some research and only attends a nursing refresher course that has been board-approved in her local area.

There are several different types of computer refresher course available. A course in computers may be needed for a person who has not use a program for a period of time. Most computer courses offer retraining on basic computer skills such as computer hardware and Internet usage; other courses may focus more on a specific computer program like Microsoft Word and Excel. The length of these courses often depends on how much information would be covered during the training. Colleges, business vocational schools, and computer training companies normally offer these courses year-round.

By selecting the right course, a person may be able to awaken skills that have gone dormant. Whether the course is available online or in a classroom setting, continuous practice could begin to lead the way to becoming proficient. Refresher courses usually are an excellent way to rebuild confidence and skills.


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