What Are the Different Types of Real Estate Broker Software?

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Real estate broker software is intended to assist professionals with administering a business and managing home listings. Most types of real estate broker software are focused on solving one specific problem. A few programs combine several different solutions into one package, and allow brokers to access a diverse set of tools without having to purchase separate pieces of software. Some broker programs are installed on a personal computer, while others are based online and can be accessed from anywhere.

A content management system is a type of real estate broker software that enables managers to keep their website updated with property listings. These programs help keep online listings organized and professional. Brokers often have hundreds of home and land listings that must be placed on the Internet. Content management systems allow a broker to add, delete, or modify a listing without having specialized website programming skills. Some content management systems can also publish property details to multiple locations, such as a syndicated real estate listing service.


Virtual tour programs are a kind of real estate broker software that helps potential buyers visualize a property before they visit. These programs provide suggestions on which areas of a home to focus on, and allow brokers to upload digital photographs. The software can arrange these photos in a logical way, so that viewers can quickly find the images they are looking for. After a virtual tour has been created, a broker can use the program to publish it onto the Internet with a few simple clicks.

Contact management software can be a very useful communication and marketing tool. This real estate software is designed to store and manage contact details in a database, similar to an electronic rolodex. Names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses can all be saved for future reference. Many contact management programs allow a broker to update a personnel file after each conversation or message, so that a record of the customer’s requirements is always up to date. Some contact management software is also integrated with a calendar, so that brokers can schedule meetings and open houses for each person in the database.

Real estate contract software is designed to aid with the legal contract creation process. The contracts used for real estate transactions can be very long and complicated, and these programs are intended to streamline the procedure for brokers. This type of real estate broker software can customize a legal contract based on user input, and provide required legal information for the transaction.


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