What are the Different Types of Razor Burn Remedies?

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There are many different types of razor burn remedies including certain kinds of lotions and oils. There are also some regular household items that help with razor burn. One of the best razor burn remedies is to take steps to prevent it.

Razor burn involves those red bumps that pop up after a person has been shaving. It can be irritating, itchy, and unsightly. Any kind of body lotion will provide added moisture to the skin, making it into one of the best razor burn remedies, though some lotions and creams can be better for the treatment of razor burn that others. Hydrocortisone cream will reduce the red bumps from razor burn quickly—lotions and creams that are created for acne can also help reduce razor burn. Hair-dissolving cream may also help, but could be a bit messier and have a distinct smell.

Some oils may also work as razor burn remedies. Baby oil can be used to lessen the red bumps that come from razor burn. A natural oil that works well as a remedy is aloe vera. The oil can be taken directly from the plant and applied to the skin. Lavender oil can also help to heal the skin and soften it.


There are many foods and other items found around the house that can become razor burn remedies. Apple cider vinegar can be found at any grocery store and will act as a natural treatment for razor burn. The vinegar can be applied often and will even help kill bacteria on the skin. Potatoes can be minced and added to water to create a remedy that will soothe the burning skin and help clear the razor burn.

Most people have aspirin somewhere in their house. An aspirin pill can be crushed and mixed with water until it dissolves. Then, it can be applied to the skin using cotton. After the aspirin mix soothes the skin, it can be rinsed with warm water.

Even though there are many razor burn remedies that can be created easily, it is best to take steps to prevent razor burn from happening. The skin should be well-lubricated before it is shaved. It can be lubricated with warm water and a shaving cream that contains an oil such as aloe vera. Shaving in the direction the hair grows will also help to prevent the hair follicles from becoming irritated. It is suggested that electric razors may not cause as much razor burn as regular razors.


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Post 3

@ysmina-- Some essential oils can be used as a razor burn treatment but you must remember to use a small amount of the essential oil and mix it with another carrier oil. Essential oils are strong and applying them on the skin undiluted can irritate the skin.

I would recommend trying milder oils such as olive oil or coconut oil for razor bumps. Shea butter and cocoa butter are also great options.

I think the best treatment for razor burn however is prevention and this requires exfoliation before shaving, avoiding dull razor blades and shaving with a moisturizing and protecting shaving cream or gel.

Post 2

I tried using lavender oil on my legs for razor burn bumps but it didn't help. It actually made things worse. My skin became more irritated.

Post 1

An oatmeal bath does wonders for razor burn. I grind some regular breakfast oatmeal and add it to my bathe water. You can see the water's color and texture changing within minutes.

Oatmeal is very soothing and it's used as a treatment for sensitive skin. I highly recommend it for getting rid of razor burn.

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