What Are the Different Types of Raw Desserts?

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For those who are following a raw diet, or who simply don't want to bake a dessert in a hot kitchen, there are many delicious options for raw desserts. Most of these will only require a sturdy food processor or mixer, as well as a few ingredients that people following a raw food diet are likely to have in hand. Though mixed, fresh fruit with a simple syrup made of things like agave or raw honey is one of the simplest and most delicious raw desserts, there is no need to stop there. Cookies, pudding, and even pies can all be made completely raw, using fresh ingredients.

There are a few common ingredients found in a number of different raw desserts that are a good idea to have on hand. Almond milk, for example, is one of the most common inclusions, in addition to whole almonds, pecans, and cashews. Coconut is also a very popular addition to many different raw desserts, from coconut milk and butter to the actual flesh of the coconut. Natural sweeteners like raw honey and agave are also common. For chocolate desserts, cacao powder is an excellent addition and gives the food a rich taste.


Many people find that a simple dessert of fresh fruits is the best place to start when making raw desserts. It is also possible to make a nice "cream" dip for the fruit by blending things such as coconut oil and soaked macadamia nuts together in a food processor. There are a number of recipes to be found online that provide specific measurements for this type of cooking, but many people like to experiment with their own ingredients and sweeteners to see how they can get a taste that is most similar to a traditional cream or sweet sauce for fruit.

Beyond fresh fruit, however, there are many other options for raw desserts. Recipes for raw cookies often simply involve mixing things like ground pecans and/or almonds with coconut oil, vanilla, and other flavorings for a basic cookie that is similar to an energy bar. A type of chocolate pudding may be made similarly with the flesh of a fresh coconut, blended with cacao powder and a banana for texture, as well as other ingredients for a sweeter flavor. Fillings for cream pies can be made similarly, and these are just a few of the dozens of options for delicious and healthy raw desserts.


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Post 2

There are a lot of refrigerated pies that use whipped topping and sweetened condensed milk that are not cooked. I don't know that they would be strictly raw or not, considering the milk was cooked at one point, but they are still no-bake pies.

I honestly don't know how anyone survives on a raw food diet. I remember this woman in our city brought a family to town who promoted raw foods, and a friend of mine went to their presentation at the library. They had all these free samples, and she said it was awful. These people were supposed to be raw food chef experts, but she said the food was pretty much inedible.

Post 1

I don't know how you'd make a raw pudding, except for instant, but we always ate ice cream that hadn't been boiled at home. None of us ever got sick. My mom just made up the custard, eggs and all, and we churned it. I think it was all right because it was frozen the whole time. The eggs were never left out to spoil.

I guess since that recipe actually uses eggs, it's not really a candidate for a real raw food diet, but it's still a fact the ice cream was not cooked in any way. So it was raw in every since of being uncooked.

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