What Are the Different Types of Raspberry Desserts?

Amber Eberle

Raspberries are used as ingredients in a number of different dessert recipes. The taste of these berries is both sweet and tart, which can work well as a main ingredient or when paired with chocolate or other fruits. Raspberry desserts can be hot, cold, baked, or frozen. Common ones include cheesecake, crumble, tarts, mousse, and brownies. Frozen desserts made with raspberries often include ice cream, sorbet, and gelato.

Chocolate may be melted and mixed with raspberry puree to make raspberry chips.
Chocolate may be melted and mixed with raspberry puree to make raspberry chips.

Cheesecake is a popular dessert that comes in many different flavors. When making this type of raspberry dessert, the berries can either be mixed into the filling or made into a sauce to top the cake. There are a number of different recipes for this dish, some of which require baking and others that set up in the refrigerator.

Frozen raspberries can be used to make some types of raspberry deserts.
Frozen raspberries can be used to make some types of raspberry deserts.

A raspberry crumble is generally an easy dessert to prepare. The main ingredients are raspberries, sugar, flour, and butter. The berries are usually sweetened with sugar and then topped with the flour, butter, and sugar mixture, which is called a streusel, before being baked. Ice cream or whipped cream are often placed on top of these raspberry desserts.

A tart is a flaky pastry shell that is often filled with a light custard and then topped with raspberries. The pastry shell must be cooked, but the filling and the berries can be placed in the tart cold or at room temperature. These pastry shells can be made from scratch or purchased from a store.

Chocolate and raspberry is a good combination of ingredients and many decadent recipes use these flavors together. A mousse is a light and sweet dessert that can combine both chocolate and raspberries. A chocolate mousse can be infused with raspberries, or a separate raspberry mouse can be made and then layered over the chocolate one. Other chocolate flavored raspberry desserts include brownies, cupcakes or cakes.

These berries are often also used in chilled desserts. Common frozen raspberry desserts are ice cream, sorbet, and gelato. Each of these has a unique texture, density, and sweetness. A raspberry sorbet is a good dessert option for a person that can't consume dairy products, like milk. Ice cream flavored with this fruit may have chunks of raspberries in it. Gelato is dense, with a lot less air whipped into it than ice cream, and can be made using a raspberry puree.

Some raspberry dessert recipes can be complex, while others only have a few ingredients. A person wanting a simple dish might enjoy a dessert of raspberries, with or without other fresh fruit, along with whipped cream or ice cream. The whipped cream or ice cream can be placed at the bottom of a glass, followed by a layer of berries. These types of raspberry desserts are usually easy and light yet satisfying.

Raspberry ice cream, sorbet or gelato may offer a cool summertime treat.
Raspberry ice cream, sorbet or gelato may offer a cool summertime treat.

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@turquoise-- I agree about raspberry jam. A friend of mine made a fabulous vegan raspberry bars for dessert the other day. She used almond flour and raspberry jam and a few other ingredients I can't recollect. But that would be a great way to use raspberries.

Or, if you're looking for a different kind of dessert, you could make raspberry panna cotta, or any kind of custard really with a raspberry sauce.


@burcinc-- How about making a raspberry trifle? Trifle is a British dessert made with layers of sponge cake, custard, fruit and cream. It's very, very easy and also equally delicious. I believe in the UK, this dessert is often made around Christmas time but I wouldn't mind eating it throughout the year.

The other great option would be to make raspberry jam with your raspberries and store it for later use. You can make cookies with raspberry jam filling later on, or better yet, doughnuts. There are many uses to raspberry jam in desserts.


Aside from cheesecake and tart, what can I make with fresh raspberries? I'm looking for something not too sweet and easy to make. We've got lots of raspberries this year and they shouldn't go to waste. I made a cheesecake with them last week but we've still got more raspberries we need to use.

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