What Are the Different Types of Purse Making Supplies?

A.E. Freeman

Purse making supplies include fabric and materials for the body of the handbag as well as closures such as zippers, snaps, or buttons. Some people choose to use purse making supplies such as plastic or wood handles or metal purse frames to make handbags. Other common supplies for making bags include interfacing to give the bag body, purse feet, and D-rings to connect handles. Supplies to hold the purse together, such as thread, glue, or a screwdriver, are also common.

A faux fur purse.
A faux fur purse.

A purse can be made out of almost any material. Fabrics such as cotton canvas or nylon are common purse making supplies. Some purses are made out of leather or a vinyl that resembles leather. Fancy handbags can be made from silk fabric or fabric covered in sequins.

A leather purse.
A leather purse.

Usually, a purse needs a closure of some sort. Zippers are popular purse making supplies, as are magnetic snap buttons. Another closure option is a fabric loop that encircles a button and holds the top of the purse shut.

Metal purse frames can also serve as closures for a purse. Some purse frames are made out of two pieces of metal that are joined by a hinge. A person can open and close the purse with the frame. Typically, this style of frame has a ball or teardrop closure.

Another common style of purse frame is the flexible metal frame. Flexible frames come in sizes designed for coin purses up through large handbags. The frame is inserted into an opening on the top of the purse.

Handles are other types of essential purse making supplies. If the purse is a clutch style, the metal frame may serve as a handle. A person also has the option of attaching a thin metal chain to the metal frame or attaching bamboo, wood, or plastic handles to the bag's body. Some people use fabric straps or leather straps as the handles.

Interfacing is important for giving a purse shape and body, especially if the fabric used to make the purse is lightweight. A plastic sheet is commonly placed between layers of fabric on the bottom of a purse to keep it open and give it shape. High-end purses may have small metal feet attached to the bottom to protect them.

Thread is essential for stitching a purse together. Depending on the type of frame or handle used, a person may need other supplies, such as glue or a screwdriver. A screwdriver is needed to attach some frames to the body or to attach a chain to the frame. Many times, the fabric along the top of the purse is glued to the frame using a strong glue.

Silk fabric may be used to make fancy handbags.
Silk fabric may be used to make fancy handbags.

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