What Are the Different Types of Purse Clips?

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"Purse clips" can refer to a few different things. The way a purse closes, such as with a clasp, a button, or a magnetic snap closure may all be considered different types of purse clips. This may also refer to decorative items that are clipped on to a purse, and will then hang from the strap or zipper; some can make the zipper easier to pull, especially for people who struggle with dexterity in their hands. Yet another type of purse clip is a type of hook that is placed on a restaurant table; the purse then hangs from the clip and does not need to be put on the dirty floor.

For people who design or create purses, choosing the purse clips to use for the closure is an important aspect of the design. A hook clasp is a popular choice for a small evening bag or clutch, and gives it a classic look. Magnetic snaps or buttons are two other common types of clips that will securely hold the purse together. A zipper is typically not considered a clip, but they are another common type of closure, though they can be more difficult to sew into a purse.


Other types of purse clips are used for decorative purposes. These may securely snap on to a zipper, or to the strap, and add a little extra decorative flair to the bag. For people who have trouble grasping a small zipper pull, a clip such as this can be very useful as well as stylish. Some people will also install purse clips on the inside of the bag, and then clip the keys onto them. This can make it much easier to locate the keys in a large purse without needing to dig around in the bottom of the bag.

Some people will also purchase purse clips that are similar in design to wall hooks, except these rest on the edge of the table in a restaurant. The purse may then be hung from the clip where it is kept clean and dry, rather than putting it on the dirty floor of the restaurant. It is also easier to keep an eye on it that way, and makes it less likely that the purse will be snatched. Some people give these types of purse clips as gifts to people who frequently dine out, particularly in cities where it is a good idea to keep the purse off the floor and close by.


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