What Are the Different Types of Psychiatrist Courses?

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There are various types of psychiatrist courses available at universities and colleges, as well as online. Those who are interested in becoming a child psychiatrist may take psychiatrist courses dedicated to child psychiatry. Psychiatrist courses also include specialties, such as marriage counseling or suicide prevention. In addition, some psychiatrist courses teach the fundamentals of recognizing mental illness, such as schizophrenia.

Forensic psychiatrist courses combine psychiatry with criminology. This course explains how the criminal mind works. Taking such a course may help to prepare an individual who wishes to work in forensics. A forensic psychiatrist will evaluate the mental competency of criminals and offer a professional opinion that can be very useful to the legal system.

Many forensic psychiatrist courses and training programs can be purchased online. These include audio and video reviews. Some psychiatric courses dedicated to forensic study include recorded lectures by professionals.

School psychiatry courses offer tools and knowledge for preparing for a career as a school psychiatrist. A school psychiatrist may practice at elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools. Children who have psychological issues that interfere with their schoolwork or cause behavioral problems in the classroom may be seen by this child expert. Most school psychiatrist courses focus on behavioral issues, although topics such as child schizophrenia may also be covered.


Sports psychiatrist courses are dedicated to understanding how cognitive ability or depression may affect athletes. This concept is relatively new to the realm of psychiatry. Sports psychiatry courses offer an insight into the psyche of professional athletes as well as non professional competitors. These courses may be helpful for those wishing to become a sports psychiatrist.

Psychiatry courses may also include behavioral science and basic biology. Organic chemistry may also be taught in some psychiatry courses. Some psychiatry courses cover concepts in psychology as well.

Another type of psychiatrist course includes pharmacology training. This course teaches the fundamentals of prescription medications. This knowledge is essential for those who wish to become a psychiatrist, as many professionals will prescribe medications to their patients.

Social sciences may also be offered as a psychiatry course. This may explore the relevance of mental illness among ethnic groups or geographical areas. Courses in economics may also be beneficial to those pursuing a career in psychiatry. Psychiatry courses that are offered in high school will generally differ somewhat from those offered in college.


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