What Are the Different Types of Promotional Posters?

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Promotional posters are a great and somewhat inexpensive way to advertise. In addition, it is usually pretty easy to get volunteers to hand out flyers or put up posters around their neighborhood or office. Promotional posters may be created in many different sizes so they can be displayed in different locations. Flyers and brochures may be considered to be another type of promotional poster, even if they will not hang on a wall. Any type of printed material can be distributed as a manner of advertising.

Large promotional posters are the most expensive yet eye-catching option. Some towns or cities still use promotional banners that can stretch across the road like a temporary billboard; these are popular options for fairs or other types of community festivals. Big posters to display on the wall at community areas, such as grocery stores, fitness centers, or local colleges, for example, are another option.

Colorful, eye-catching posters or banners can be designed and ordered online. It is easy to provide the details of the event as well as a logo or image for a poster. Of course, there are many other methods of advertising and promotional posters that can be used to ensure an event has a good turnout. These include smaller versions of posters, as well as flyers and brochures.


It is always a good idea to create a number of smaller versions of the promotional posters that can be put up in different areas, such as on community bulletin boards, around someone's office, or even on telephone poles in neighborhoods. Volunteers are often willing to do this, which can be a great way to get the posters into a number of different types of venues. If not, larger companies may be able to delegate these tasks to employees or people in internship positions.

Creating informational flyers and brochures is another excellent option for a smaller version of promotional posters. This allows volunteers to hand out these items directly to people, or to leave them in places where people might pick them up. If people pick up these items, they might be more likely to remember to actually attend the event, than if they just notice a poster and forget to write it down. In general, it is a good idea to give people as many opportunities as possible to notice a promotional item, and then take one for themselves to ensure the best turnout.


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