What Are the Different Types of Project Administrator Jobs?

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Project administrator jobs are common in the information technology (IT), construction, and accounting and finance industries. These jobs can be found in manufacturing and service industries such as healthcare too. Project administrators usually report to project managers and are responsible for helping to meet project goals. Many project administrator jobs require both industry knowledge and the ability to coordinate and allocate resources effectively.

An IT project administrator works on the development and implementation of new or existing IT systems. These projects could involve software, telecommunications or networking systems. He or she arranges and facilitates planning sessions, compiles reports, monitors project goals and assists in resolving problems. The IT project administrator helps to ensure that each milestone for completing a project is met on time and within budget. A degree or background in IT is usually necessary for this job.

The project administrator in construction works behind the scenes to ensure that a construction project is completed. On occasion, the construction project administrator will visit a worksite; but he or she is not responsible for day-to-day operations at the construction site. The construction project administrator works mostly in an office, managing bids and contracts with subcontractors, tracking estimates, and handling invoices.


Project administrator jobs in accounting and finance usually require an accounting or finance degree or, at the least, knowledge of accounting practices. A project administrator in business finance and accounting prepares reports on budgets. He or she might coordinate procurement and purchase orders, in addition to ensuring that customer invoicing runs smoothly. Based on his or her findings, the project administrator in accounting or business finance makes budget recommendations to managers and other staff members.

A variety of project administrator jobs exist in the healthcare industry at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare insurance companies. For example, a clinical project administrator might help to oversee the development of new drugs. He or she might be responsible for maintaining clinical documentation and preparing documents for clinical studies and audits.

Often, project administrators have similar job duties to that of executive level administrative assistants. The difference between the two jobs is that project administrators focus on the completion of a large project. In addition, a bachelor’s degree in business or a certificate in project management is often necessary for a project administrator job.

A project administrator should be detail-oriented and able to anticipate issues and problems. A successful project administrator has the ability to coordinate multiple tasks and analyze problems to form creative solutions. He or she is skilled at working as a team member to enhance operations and must work closely with the project manager to guarantee that time, budget and quality goals are met.


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