What Are the Different Types of Print Advertising Media?

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Print advertising media includes newspaper, magazines, direct mailers, ads in any type of print publication, and phone book advertising. These types of advertising media have become less common as internet and television ads became more popular, though plenty of print advertising media is still in use. Direct mailers can be sent to households and businesses through the mail, and flyers and posters can be hung in a variety of locations to reach a wide audience. Newspaper and magazine ads, along with ads in the phone book, tend to be more expensive than other types of ads, but they are guaranteed to reach a wide audience.

Direct mailers are print ads that are sent directly to homes and businesses through the mail. The mailers could simply be an ad for a product or service, or they may advertise a special deal or discount. This type of print advertising media requires the advertiser to have a list of addresses to which the mailers can be sent; the advertiser may purchase a mailing list, or he or she may accrue a list by offering this service to customers, who can then sign up for such a mailing list.


One of the oldest type of print advertising media is newspaper advertising, in which a company or business buys an advertising space in the newspaper. The size of the ad will often dictate the price, as will the content of the ad. Graphics usually cost more money, while simpler text ads cost less. Magazine ads are another type of print advertising media that will vary in price according to size and content, as well as whether the ad is in full color or black and white. A company or business purchasing advertising space in a magazine can often choose from a full page ad, half page ad, quarter page ad, or sidebar ad.

Billboards afford businesses and companies the opportunity to reach local audiences by strategically placing ads and images on large signs near roadways. Such an ad space is often purchased monthly, and the cost of producing the ad can be quite significant since billboards are quite large. The ad will be affixed to a large board that can be seen for significant distances, usually by motorists during daily commutes. This type of advertising is especially useful for local businesses or larger companies that provide a specific service to the area surrounding the billboard.


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Post 7

I have been looking for an advertising job ever since the newspaper I worked at shut down seven months ago. I had been a graphic designer there, and we fell victim to the economy.

My training and background is in print design, and I am finding that a large majority of advertising positions today require web design capabilities. I cannot afford to go back to college right now, and I am at a disadvantage because I have almost no knowledge of web design processes.

While I search for a full-time position, I am considering getting a part-time job in an unrelated field to help me earn money to take a few web design classes. It seems to be the only way to get a job in the field in the future.

Post 6

Even though I do get a lot of my news from the internet and television, I really do check the newspaper often for advertisements of sales or events. I am a shopaholic, but I have to be frugal, so I only shop extreme sales. The best way to find these all in one place is to scan the newspaper.

Besides spending my money on things that make me happy, I also like to give to charity. I check the newspaper for advertisements of fundraiser events to benefit people with debilitating illnesses or the families who have lost loved ones and are left with large medical bills.

Post 5

As a freelance graphic artist, I get requests for a lot of flyers. Advertisers find that this is a really effective means of announcing special events or sales, because flyers can be placed just about anywhere that will grab attention.

I find it better to use brightly colored paper and black text for making flyers. You can't miss the neon color, and the black writing shows up better than any other color against this bright background.

I do a lot of 50% off sale flyers for clothing stores. I also do flyers for local bands planning a show in the area and realtors holding open houses.

Post 4

@Crispety - I find that every time I pick up a magazine there are more ads than stories so I guess a lot advertising media agencies choose a vast amount of print media to advertise in, but I know that digital media is also important.

An advertising company has to also have an ad strategy for digital media because this is the latest avenue for advertisers to reach potential buyers.

Post 3

@Indemnifyme - I agree with you. I think that effective print adverting will always draw a lot more attention than any internet advertising because print advertising is more targeted. For example, with magazine advertising you really have a specific demographic that reads a particular magazine and the circulation size really tells you the potential market that you are accessing.

I think that the internet is broader and it might be harder to narrow down specifics like this. For example if you are looking to advertise a niche item that is very expensive you might want to advertise in magazines like Worth or Ocean Drive.

An advertising media agency should be able to find the right print medium that will access the most potential buyers for a given product.

Post 2

@sunnySkys - I think print advertisement is still very effective. I used to work at a club that took out a half page ad in the local paper every week advertising our events and specials. I talked to people almost every other day that said they saw our ad in the paper and came in because of it.

So I would say in that case print advertising media was very helpful in bringing customers into the business.

Post 1

This article is right on. Even though internet advertising is now an option, print advertising is still alive and well. If feel like I see advertisements everywhere I go!

On my way to work I pass a ton of billboards on the highway advertising everything from natural gas to car dealerships! I get ads in the mail every other day and I see a lot of ads in my local paper too.

Print advertising is everywhere but is it still effective? That's a question for another day I guess.

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