What Are the Different Types of Prickly Heat Treatment?

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A mild case of prickly heat, which often affects infants but can develop in adults as well, doesn’t need much treatment. In many cases, the rash clears up in response to small measures such as keeping the body cool and wearing lightweight, loose, breathable clothing that is made out of natural fabrics. When the body is kept cool and air circulation is good, this type of rash gradually clears up on its own. To hasten its improvement, however, a person may find cool baths with oatmeal or baking soda helpful. Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream may also serve as an effective prickly heat treatment.

One type of prickly heat treatment involves bathing in cool water. In fact, a person might find it particularly helpful to add oatmeal to his bath water. Alternatively, a person can add baking soda to his bath water as part of the treatment. Bathing in cool water that contains one of these substances twice daily often can provide a measure of relief.


An individual may also approach prickly heat treatment by choosing the right kind of clothing. Loose, breathable clothing is usually a good choice when dealing with this rash. If clothing is too tight and doesn’t breathe, it traps heat and moisture against the skin, which may make the condition worse. The friction of the cloth against the skin may serve to worsen symptoms as well. Additionally, natural fabrics are usually best for preventing and getting rid of prickly heat.

Keeping the skin from becoming sweaty may also help when a person is dealing with the symptoms of prickly heat. If the weather is hot, an individual may do well to spend as much time as possible in rooms that are kept cool by air conditioning and fans. Keeping cool will likely help a person's prickly heat rash to clear up much faster. If the affected person exercises, it is also important that he changes out of his workout clothing as soon as he finishes his workout. Choosing lightweight exercise clothing that allows the air to circulate may prove helpful as well.

Sometimes a topical lotion or ointment is an effective prickly heat treatment. If an individual is struggling with itching caused by the rash, he may find calamine lotion helpful for soothing the discomfort. Sometimes a person may also get relief by using hydrocortisone cream, which can help to calm the itchy, irritated feeling that is common with cases of prickly heat.


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Post 3

If you happen to get a rash from prickly heat that comes with itchiness, try taking an antihistamine. This has happened to me. Taking an allergy pill really cut down on the itching I felt.

I have since taken to keeping antihistamines in my travel first aid kit in case I need a treatment for prickly heat rash symptoms. You might want to try to find a non-drowsy kind to be on the safe side.

Post 2

I live in a place where the summers get pretty hot. I try to take a preventative approach for treatment of prickly heat. It may sound counter productive if you are trying to reduce sweating, but staying adequately hydrated keeps your sweat glands functioning better. This can help prevent and reduce irritation.

For me, limiting alcohol seems to have an impact. That also goes along with staying hydrated. I have heard that certain topical antiseptics can prevent the prickly heat rash, but I don’t know very much about that.

If I have to be outside much, I make sure to take a water bottle and take breaks out of the sun as needed.

Post 1

I recently found out I react to my new skin cream by breaking out in a prickly heat rash. I got relief from a cool bath with oatmeal, but have been looking for additional home remedies in case it happens again.

I have learned some common drinks are supposed to be helpful, including coconut milk and grape juice. I may try grape juice and see if it works. I read about applying watermelon pulp to the affected areas. You can also apply cornstarch, but I don’t know if I want that on my skin.

For now, I’m tossing the skin cream and sitting by the air conditioner.

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