What are the Different Types of Portable Fitness Equipment?

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Portable fitness equipment is a lifesaver for those who live in a small space or want to exercise while traveling. Whether it folds up, ties together or fits into a tiny bag, it can be much better than having to maneuver large and bulky equipment. Due to the vast amount of exercise equipment, there are options for anyone who wants pieces that are easily transportable.

One very lightweight piece of portable fitness equipment is a jump rope. The thickest part of the entire item is the handles, which aren't very big at all. It can be tied up and put in a drawer, stuffed in a suitcase for a vacation or even thrown into a medium to large size purse. People can jump rope anywhere, from a hotel room to a beach, and it is easy to use.

A resistance band is another piece of portable fitness equipment that one can fold up tightly and put in a small space. It is also excellent for taking on vacation and using in a hotel room. Resistance bands come in a variety of lengths and varying degrees of resistance. In addition to being inexpensive, they are also good for exercisers of any level, from beginning to advanced.


A folding treadmill is not portable fitness equipment that can travel, but it is quite easy to store in the home. Some of the treadmills fold up so well they fit under a bed or dresser or fit into a closet and are barely noticeable, if noticeable at all. They are ideal for those who have small rooms or apartments where storage space is difficult to come by.

The pull-up bar is a piece of portable fitness equipment used in a doorway to do pull-ups. Considering that it is a bit bulky, it may not travel well in a suitcase, but could work well in a duffel bag or other form of flexible luggage. The pull-up bar is relatively small, so it can store easily under a bed or in a closet, but can be too big to fit into a drawer.

Despite the usual large size of many pieces of exercise equipment, the more portable pieces can help people exercise more. The convenience of portable exercise equipment allows for a workout almost anywhere there is enough space. The usually budget friendly price tag also helps those with limited funds be able to skip the gym and exercise in their own homes.


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Post 3

The best portable fitness equipment is your body. That's all you really need to work out, and you don't have to worry about leaving it behind. Calisthenics don't require any machines or equipment and you can get as good of a workout as you can in a fully stocked gym. If it's good enough for the military then that's good enough for me.

Post 2

I can't remember what it was called, but I had this piece of exercise equipment that my brother ordered through the mail. Basically, the contraption had two handles for you to hold with your hands and then two peddles and straps for you to put your feet in.

It was springy and you could work out and it felt like you were lifting heavier weight because the spring was providing tension. I carried this thing in my car when I was traveling and I used it at home when I couldn't get to a gym. The great thing about this piece of equipment was it was small and I could use it while I was watching TV. I could

also work the majority of my muscles.

I used the device religiously until one night when I was working out and the metal spring snapped. The handles came up and hit me in the mouth. After that I decided to switch to barbells and other weight equipment.

Post 1

I was happy to see the jump rope made the article as one of the portable pieces of exercise equipment. The jump rope does not get its due when we talk about exercise equipment. It is great for maintaining and improving cardio fitness as well as building muscle.

I think people are hesitant to include the jump rope in conversation about fitness equipment because we associate the rope with little girls playing and jumping on sidewalks and playgrounds. Remember, big burly boxers also jump rope.

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