What Are the Different Types of Poetry Scholarships?

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Some of the most common types of poetry scholarships are those offered by individual schools or organizations that promote the composition or study of poetry. Such a scholarship might pay for a student's full tuition. In other cases, scholarships may only be enough to pay for a fraction of tuition. If an individual is awarded a poetry scholarship for work that pertains to a particular location, he or she might use the funding to travel to that region in order to gain a greater understanding that he or she can apply to his or her work.

Poetry scholarships are kinds of funding awarded to students who would like to study poetry. In some cases, this funding might be for individuals who are interested in scholarship of this literary form. Other kinds of funding might be for aspiring poets who would like to attend creative writing courses so they can further develop their craft.

It is common for universities and other educational institutions to award poetry scholarships. Students who apply to academic programs may have the option to apply for scholarships as well. They might be required to submit samples of their work, statements of purpose, and letters of reference.


Some organizations exist to promote the study and composition of poetry. These might be non-profit groups or government-funded agencies. To win poetry scholarships offered by these organizations, individuals normally fill out applications and send in samples of their work. Applicants also might be required to submit essays explaining what they hope to achieve with funding, should they receive it.

There are different types of poetry, so there are different types of poetry scholarships based on the styles and areas of interest pursued by poets. For example, an individual who is interested in composing verse written in rhyme might be able to find a scholarship specifically for the study of rhyming poetry. Likewise, an individual who would like to study 19th century French poetry might find a poetry scholarship that provides funding for study in Paris.

Qualifications required to win poetry scholarships might also differ. Students applying for scholarships that can help them to pay for their undergraduate educations might only need to submit several samples and references from an instructor. Individuals applying for poetry scholarships at the postgraduate level, however, may be required to submit curricula vitae that include lists of publications or projects related to the craft or study of poetry.


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