What are the Different Types of Pocket Door Handles?

Dana DeCecco

Pocket door handles are flush mounted units designed for a variety of functions and aesthetic qualities. Different designs and styles are available for specific purposes. Flush pulls and edge pulls are pocket door handles that provide optional methods of door operation. Privacy locks and passage latches offer the functionality of securing the door for bathrooms or bedrooms.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Flush pulls are the simplest form of pocket door handles. These models do not latch or lock the door. They simply provide a finger grip used to open and close the door. This basic style can be round, oval, or rectangular in shape. Pulls are typically included with pocket door hardware kits.

Pocket door edge pulls provide a small handle that flips out from the edge of the door. This unit is installed inside the door and the edge pull lifts up to pull. A spring mechanism returns the pull back into place. Many different styles are available from different manufacturers of pocket door handles.

Passage hardware provides a double sided latch set that will latch but not lock the door. These units are mortised in and allow access from both sides of the door. Passage sets are typically pre-assembled for easy installation. Most models are reversible for use on doors that slide right or left.

Privacy locks are more complex and provide a means to latch and lock the door. These pocket door handles are available in round and rectangular styles. Privacy sets are designed for bedrooms and bathrooms. They can be locked and unlocked from one side. An emergency unlock tool is typically provided to unlock the door from the passive side.

A limited selection of pocket door handles are available at local home improvement stores. Online retailers offer a wide variety of styles. No matter what style of pocket door handle is needed, it can often be found from an Internet retailer. Precise measurements are required to replace existing pocket door handles.

The materials, colors, and finishes of these products are extensive. Brass, silver, and rustic designs are available, just to name a few. Pocket door handles are manufactured to complement virtually any decor. Black, bronze, pewter, and rust are among the many types of finishes available.

Simple and inexpensive solutions are available for basic door pulls. Greater functionality for locking, opening, and closing is available through the different types of passage and edge pull sets. The locking mechanism of privacy handles provides security for bathrooms and bedrooms.

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@rundocuri- Though you may have a specific type of doorknob in mind for your pocket door hardware, there are only certain kinds that will work with this type of door. Since the doors slide into the walls, the handles have to be flush so that they will fit. I can see why you may not have considered this, especially if you have never had pocket doors in a home before.

You can still match the finish of other door handles and hardware in your home, which will make your doors look nice. Flush mounted pocket door handles come in different types of finishes, from brass to antique. Though they do not stand out like other types of doorknobs, it will still be easy to see that your pocket door handles match and look great.


I'm having pocket doors installed in my home, and I want to put handles on them that match the doorknobs on the interior doors in my house. Is this possible, or do I have to use the type of pocket door handles mentioned in this article?

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