What Are the Different Types of Photography Trainee Jobs?

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Working in the field of photography requires a considerable amount of on-the-job training, so many individuals begin their career by completing photography internships. Some photography trainee jobs are found in the film and television industry and involve the use of video equipment. Others might be in a studio assisting a lead photographer during photo shoots. There are also opportunities for trainee job placement via magazine or newspaper outlets. The length of training can vary based upon the type of internship being performed.

Some photography trainee jobs involve producing motion pictures; a few examples are television programs, movies, and documentaries. In one of these positions, an intern might work as a camera assistant to the director of one of these films. This could involve preparing scenes, checking the equipment, and adjusting the lighting. During the editing process, the trainee often helps refine the quality of the picture or cut unnecessary portions of the tape.

In a professional studio, those holding photography trainee jobs may work with a lead photographer during photo sessions. Responsibilities may include setting up the studio, changing the backgrounds, and caring for props. When photographing children, the assistant may help position the child or entertain the youngster so he or she will smile. One of these trainee positions could also include clerical duties such as scheduling appointments and billing.


Print media often have the need to fill photography trainee jobs on a freelance basis because the demand for these assistants is sometimes unpredictable. In this capacity, an assistant could help a staff photographer scout a location or find subjects to accompany a particular article. This could involve travel, or a photography intern may arrange a photo shoot at the publication’s office. Once the assistant establishes a level of trust, the worker might be asked to submit one of his or her own photographs to the magazine, with recognition given. This can help new photographers with career advancement, as it allows others to see the type of work that individual is capable of producing.

Some photography trainee jobs are temporary in nature, lasting only a few weeks. This is more common in a professional studio or when working for publications since the basics of these jobs can be mastered rather quickly. Those who are involved in the film industry may find that an internship lasts several months due to the complexity and variety of equipment that is used here.


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