What Are the Different Types of Personalized Stationery?

Jessica Ellis

Personalized stationery is any type of paper stationery that is customized to a specific user's needs. For centuries, people have used personalized stationery to make beautiful and unique invitations, calling cards, and business paper goods. Though some personalized stationery is still created by hand, it is far faster and often easier to find digitally created customized stationery.

A simple thank you card.
A simple thank you card.

One of the most common types of personalized stationery is the business card. This small, wallet-sized card contains important contact information, such as email address and phone number, for an individual or business. Cards may be very simple or extremely elaborate, and may include graphic designs such as a company logo or simply a nice image. Business cards are used by many people to help ensure that new contacts are able to find and use contact information with ease. Personalized business cards can be ordered from stationers, or can be created at home using a simple word processing program and a business card template.

Letterhead is another type of personalized stationery often used in the business world. A company or institution may have official letterhead that includes the name, logo, and pertinent information about the organization. Customized letterhead often serves as a minor means of security, since only company members have access to the letterhead. This means that any letter or communication written on the letterhead is likely to be legitimate; though in the age of digital forgery, it is often better to double-check.

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People who still admire the long-esteemed art of letter writing may have personalized stationery to suit a variety of occasions. All-purpose paper, thank-you cards, and note cards bearing a personal monogram or custom design add a touch of class to all written communications. Some personal stationery may be simple ink on paper, but many people like to incorporate stationery techniques such as embossing, engraving, and letterpress printing as well. While personalized stationery can be made at home, it can also be customized by a variety of stationery providers, which may offer many more options than a homemade version can accomplish.

Invitations to events are often a form of personalized stationery. In some cases, these may be hand-made by the inviting party, but pre-printed versions are also popular for some events. To customize pre-made invitations, the inviting party can write a short note to each recipient, and sign each card by hand. For wedding invitations, couples usually add their own wording and personal details to a pre-designed card.

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Discussion Comments


Whether we're talking about the business world or your personal life, embossed, personalized stationery is a great communication tool that says you value your relationships.

Buying a gift or buying it for yourself, this kind of expression says you care. Other than that, it's just beautiful and speaks for itself. I never get bored of receiving or giving this kind of small token of respect and affection.


I remember when I was a tween and my librarian aunt bought me my own personalized stationery sets which I used up pretty quickly.

In those days, letter writing was expected between family members living apart and I used up my stationery within a few months. My family was stationed in different places every two years, so I was always in the middle of writing to someone.

Afterwards, my sweet aunt bought me a personalized embosser that had my initials in a circle. I would press a page on a book with it and I can still see the paper crimp up and display my cursive initials. I have no idea what happened to that amazing tool but I'd love to have it back again. What a sweet memory.

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