What are the Different Types of Stationery?

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Stationery can turn an ordinary note into something special. Bright, colorful paper with a matching envelope can make a note filled with happy thoughts even more cheerful. Matched sets of stationery are very popular and come in so many styles and colors that you are sure to find something that fits your taste and personality. There are plenty of price ranges to choose from as well.

Personalized stationery adds that extra touch to the letters you write. Whether you write to a special person frequently, or just like to drop notes to your friends once in a while, they will know the letter is from you before they even open it. Personalized stationery makes keeping in touch with friends and family easy, especially if you have your return address printed on the envelopes or your signature added to the paper.

Businesses also use personalized stationery of sorts, which is called letterhead. It works the same way. It lets people know where the correspondence is from before even opening the letter and it often displays a logo or artwork, besides the business name.

Custom stationery is also nice and nearly any design can be incorporated. If you have a favorite photograph, if you have created an abstract work of art yourself, or you just find a picture that you love, you can have your stationery made to feature that design.

Children enjoy having their own stationery and you can purchase designs that are specially made with children in mind. Giving your child his or her own stationery is a good way to encourage him or her to write to relatives and keep them up to date with what is going on in your child's life.

There are also unique types of stationery, such as personalized thank you notes, note pads, and calling cards. Calling cards are much like typical business cards that have been custom made to feature your personal information instead of business information. Or, you can opt for custom note cards instead of traditional stationery sets. Note cards come in different styles, such as cards that can be sent on their own like post cards, or as flat cards complete with envelopes.

You can also find inexpensive designs for stationery online that you can print from your own computer. With so many choices of stationery available, you may never want to send a plain letter again.

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