What Are the Different Types of Pendant Foyer Lighting?

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Pendant foyer lighting is available in many styles, sizes, and prices. The style and overall design of the fixture is the main difference between the types of lighting. Virtually any style, from traditional, to minimalist, to rustic is available in a pendant. The price will vary according to craftmanship and material, but budget friendly pendant foyer lighting is likely to be available online and through retail stores.

The fixture is made up of the framework, the surround or globe, bulbs, and electrical wires. The wires are generally integrated into the pendant so that they are not visible. The pendant hangs straight down from the electrical bracket in the ceiling. If the bracket is not placed correctly, a swag, or extension, can allow the pendant to hang in a different location.

The globe or surround generally covers the bulb. Some surrounds and clear globes are designed to accommodate and showcase decorative bulbs. Other styles of pendant foyer lighting are designed to imitate candle lighting and have no globe. Surrounds can be made of metalwork, crystal, paper or paper-like spheres, or colored glass. A bound glass design combines metalwork with glass by fitting plate glass into a metal frame.

The framework usually complements the surround or globe of the pendant foyer lighting. It may be quite simple, with only a rod to hang from the ceiling bracket, or it may be very elaborate. The size of the framework effects the overall size of the fixture. It can be as little as a few inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm) to several dozen feet (3.28 feet = 1 meter) in height and width.

These fixtures typically have one to four bulbs, unless the pendant lighting is a chandelier, which has a number of small bulbs. The number of bulbs and the allowed wattage determines the amount of light produced. A very bright pendant light will have several high wattage bulbs. For most lighting fixtures, it is possible to install a dimmer on the switch to adjust the light level without changing the bulbs.

Although not widely available, there are some types of custom made pendant foyer lighting. It is much more expensive than other types of lighting, but usually of higher quality and uniquely designed. One type of custom pendant foyer lighting is made with blown glass. These fixtures are very heavy and require special structural adjustments to support the weight.

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