What Are the Different Types of Pediatric Dermatology?

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Most doctors who practice pediatric dermatology have similar training and they typically see patients within the same age range. Some may specialize in very young children or adolescents, while others may focus more on specific conditions. Others see patients ranging from infants to young adults and may diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.

Pediatric dermatology refers to an area of medicine pertaining to the skin, hair, and nails. Patients are generally children, although some practices may welcome patients through the age of 18 or even those in their early twenties. Common conditions treated by pediatric dermatologists may include eczema, acne, rashes, and skin infections. Head lice and other infestations may also be handled by a pediatric dermatology practice.

One area of pediatric dermatology may involve the care of infants and very young children. Infant eczema and other skin conditions are common amongst this age group, and professional care is often needed to relieve the redness, itching, and irritation often associated with them. Doctors may specialize in this age group, in the conditions themselves, or both.

Another common area of focus involves the treatment of adolescent acne and similar conditions. Many teens have acne to some degree before reaching adulthood, but sometimes the problem becomes widespread or severe and requires professional treatment. This is an in demand area of pediatric dermatology because so many teens and young adults suffer from the condition.


Other dermatologists may specialize in rarer conditions, like skin cancer in young children or adults. Although most cancers occur in older individuals, sometimes malignancies may present themselves in young people. This may be due to genetics or severe sun exposure. Other rare skin conditions may also be present which may require a dermatologist's care.

Occasionally, pediatric dermatology may take on a cosmetic focus. For instance, children born with severe birthmarks and other abnormalities of the skin may require specialized treatment and attention to remove them. This is a less common field of specialty.


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