What Are the Different Types of Peanut Butter Desserts?

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The taste and texture of peanut butter make it a good ingredient to use when making desserts, and a number of different kinds of recipes call for it. Some of the most popular peanut butter desserts include cookies, pies, brownies, cheesecake, and bars. When making peanut butter desserts, chocolate is a common companion ingredient, as the two make a popular flavor combination. Peanut butter can also be used to make a sweet frosting to top desserts, such as cupcakes and brownies.

Cookies are one of the most popular types of peanut butter desserts. Traditional peanut butter cookies combine peanut butter with sugar, butter, eggs, and flour. The mixture is separated into round balls and baked in the oven. There are also many recipes for no-bake peanut butter cookies, which combine peanut butter, chocolate, and cereal. These ingredients are formed into cookie shapes and chilled until hardened.

The smooth texture of peanut butter allows it to work well as an ingredient in cheesecake. Typically, the peanut butter is whipped with cream cheese, sugar, and eggs, and then poured over a graham cracker crust. It is then baked until the ingredients are set. There are also several no-bake recipes like this that are similar to traditional cheesecake, but omit eggs. Peanut butter cheesecake is often topped with whipped cream or chocolate, and chocolate peanut butter cup candies can be used as a garnish.


A peanut butter pie is similar to a no-bake cheesecake, with the addition of heavy whipping cream. This recipe usually calls for a crust made of crushed chocolate cookies. The filling ingredients are mixed until a smooth consistency is achieved, and the pie is then placed in a refrigerator to set. This is just one of the peanut butter desserts that may be topped with chocolate sauce or whipped cream, and garnished with chocolate cookie crumbs.

Brownies and bars are peanut butter desserts that are baked much like cakes. Traditional brownies can be given a peanut butter flavor by adding peanut butter or peanut butter chips to the batter, or a peanut butter mixture can be layered on top of the traditional brownie mix. Peanut butter bars are very versatile, and while the butter is the main ingredient, whole or crushed peanuts, candies, and chocolate chips may be added.

Frosting is an important component of sheet cakes and cupcakes. Many frosting recipes can be modified to add peanut butter, resulting in a fluffy, sweet topping that complements many different flavors of cake. Peanut butter frosting can be applied with a knife, or a pastry bag can be used for a more decorative look.


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