What are the Different Types of Online Jobs?

G. Wiesen

There are many different types of online jobs, so many in fact that a comprehensive list would likely be impossible. This is because as new avenues of the Internet are being developed and discovered, new jobs are being created and older ones are disappearing. Some common types of Internet jobs, however, which are likely to remain for the foreseeable future are those involved with creating websites for people and businesses and writing original content for websites. There are also some important online jobs that are directly related to ensuring websites are operational, such as forum moderators, online support personnel, and website administrators.

Online proofreaders often telecommute from home.
Online proofreaders often telecommute from home.

As the Internet continues to grow and develop, online jobs are almost constantly being created and eliminated to meet the needs of Internet users. This fluctuation was especially pronounced during the Internet boom of the late 1990s, but in some respects these changes continue as the Internet further expands and changes. There are some online jobs, however, that are quite common and likely to continue to be needed well into the future.

Website administrators often need skills in online marketing and social networking.
Website administrators often need skills in online marketing and social networking.

These online jobs typically consist of the actual creation and implementation of websites for private individuals and businesses. This often requires different skills and the abilities of a wide number of people, especially for very large websites or those with frequent updates. Graphic artists and website designers are often employed to actually create the visual look of a website and handle all of the issues inherent in website creation.

Web designers often work with programmers and other technical professionals to ensure the final website is navigable and functional. Web content writers will often work on websites as well, providing original content and ensuring that the site is easily found by web browsers and search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) content is often created by these writers to ensure that articles are relevant to the website, will be found by search engines, and are therefore more accessible to viewers.

There are also many online jobs that deal with maintaining or supervising Internet websites that will likely continue to be necessary for some time. These online jobs include moderators who oversee forums to ensure people are respectful and to keep the forums running smoothly. Many websites also have online support personnel who can answer questions for customers and for employees of a business trying to use the website. Most websites also have administrators responsible for keeping a website up and running, and handling any issues with servers or Internet providers to ensure the website is accessible and running properly.

Some web designers will deal with search engine optimization.
Some web designers will deal with search engine optimization.

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There are also a lot of writing and translation jobs online. I have an online part-time job, I write content for a website. I'm very happy with my job.

I also tried doing translations for a while but I didn't like that very much. I was given deadlines for the translations and there was a lot of competition. People actually have online resumes these days. In some cases, the more online projects one has done, the more likely they are to be hired for future projects. Since I was just starting out as a translator, I wasn't being given many opportunities.

Moreover, if the employer wasn't satisfied with my translation, they could cut my pay. I think it's easy to be taken advantage of in some online jobs, so it's a good idea to be careful. Thankfully, I've found a good employer.


@literally45-- Computer graduates are in demand! I'm not sure what your specific skills are but I am seeing a lot of open positions online for software programming and website development.

I'm sure you can find something but you do have to be proactive about it and search for opportunities. You could post a resume online and wait for employers to contact you. Or you may contact them and apply for a position online.

I might be wrong but I think that software programmers make more than most other people who do online jobs.


What type of online jobs are in high demand these days? I would like to look into online job opportunities but I'm not sure how to go about it. I studied computers in college.

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