What Are the Different Types of Online Editor Jobs?

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Different types of online editor jobs are often categorized based on the type of writing that an editor may be required to review and edit. Webpage content editors, for example, are typically involved with editing text that will be posted on a website to ensure accuracy and proper grammar. There are also editors online who focus on social networking and media, ensuring that content on a webpage is effectively conveying information and using various components of social media. Other online editor jobs involve websites that post articles, often either informative or persuasive, and require work that is similar to a magazine or newspaper editor.

Some online editor jobs are closely tied to the creation of new content for websites, usually in the form of basic text. A website may wish to post a new homepage advertisement, or issue a press release on the front page that is viewed by customers. Content editors often review these types of posts and ensure that they are grammatically and factually accurate prior to their appearance for the general public. These types of online editor jobs may be closely tied to website administration or development, and some editors may also use coding to post text onto a webpage.


Other online editor jobs are involved with particular aspects of the Internet and the creation of new online content, including the use of social networking by different websites. If a company wishes to post updates on new products or services, while using social media to do so, then an online editor may be responsible for ensuring that these methods are properly utilized. A press release may be provided to such an editor, who then ensures that it uses different aspects of social networking. These online editor jobs are often filled by people who have experience not only with writing and language but also with social media and the use of different online networking tools.

There are also a number of online editor jobs that are similar to the work done by editors in various aspects of the print industry. Some sites publish articles in much the same way that a newspaper or magazine does, and editors on those sites often serve similar functions. These online editor jobs typically require the review of articles for grammatical issues, factual inconsistencies, and to ensure an overall adherence to the tone and voice of the site. Editors for such websites may also periodically write and publish editorial articles, and oversee other editing staff to ensure consistent quality and style is upheld by all writers.


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