What Are the Different Types of Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

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Online cognitive behavioral therapy may treat a wide range of psychological issues, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder, social phobias and panic attacks. Online cognitive behavioral therapy techniques may help manage depression and anger as well. Most online cognitive behavioral therapy treatments involve a comprehensive program, typically conducted in several online sessions. Some types of online cognitive behavioral therapy will allow the individual to utilize worksheets that track his progress.

As an alternative to traditional cognitive behavioral therapy conducted in person, the online method offers the convenience of participating from the privacy of one's home. Behavioral therapy conducted online also allows a person to proceed at his own pace. Online behavioral therapy generally offers the feedback and assistance of an online therapist. The goal is to help the individual modify his behavior in an effort to overcome his problems.

Anger management is a type of online cognitive behavioral therapy that may benefit those with anger issues. This program may include tests that help identify the cause of anger. As a result, the individual is able to redirect negative anger into constructive behavior. The online therapy will also teach self-help techniques in dealing with anger.


Couples who experience marriage or relationship difficulties may find that online cognitive behavioral therapy helps bring them closer. This type of therapy can help a couple modify behavior that is detrimental to a relationship. By participating in an online program, couples can find solutions in a discreet manner, without having to deal with outsiders face to face. Many online therapy programs help couples achieve realistic goals, while keeping communication open and building mutual trust.

A widely used online cognitive behavioral therapy program is one designed for stress management. Reacting negatively to daily stress may cause physical issues, such as tension headaches and hypertension. Stress can also interfere with one's personal life, often threatening relationships. Finding effective ways to deal with stress can improve one's quality of life. Stress management therapy may include diet and exercise plans, as well as relaxation techniques and activities that promote wellness.

Those suffering from drug or alcohol dependency may enroll in online cognitive behavioral therapy for substance abuse. Unlike sessions conducted at a rehabilitation center, online programs offer more confidentiality. The goal is to is to help the person overcome his addiction by facing his problem head on. Meditation is often used in therapy, allowing the individual to control his compulsions and anxiety.


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