What are the Different Types of Nylon Activewear?

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Nylon is a synthetic fabric that many pieces of clothing are made from. Nylon activewear comes in many different forms, styles and colors. It is relatively inexpensive and can be used during several outdoor and indoor activities, from swimming to running.

Pants are a form of nylon activewear that those who are active may choose to wear. They differ from sweats as they typically have a more slippery feel to them and can feel less heavy. Some nylon pants offer the option to have adjustable bottom hem and waist so while staying active, the wearer can keep the pants in place.

Many swimsuits are made mostly from nylon, but also can have some spandex material mixed in for extra comfort and flexibility. It is a form of nylon activewear that can be reversible, which is an excellent option for the fashion conscious as well as those trying to save money. The swimsuits come in many different styles, from bikinis to one pieces.

Jackets are a popular form of nylon activewear that are useful during exercise or work. They can repel water and can be quite comfortable. They also usually have drawstring sleeves and bottom, which can be ideal for those who are especially active in wet weather. The jacket could come with an attached hood, one that is detachable or may not come with one at all.


Shorts are another form of nylon activewear that may have some spandex mixed in for extra comfort and flexibility. They can be comfortable to wear during exercises from bike riding to running. The length of the shorts can vary; some may be loose while others can be more form fitting.

Nylon tank tops and shirts can be the clothing of choice for many active people. They vary from baggy to hugging the body. Some are made depending on the activity. For example, some may be tailored specifically for yoga while others may be better suited for running.

Nylon clothing is sold in many clothing stores as well as online. Anyone of any age and any gender will be able to find nylon clothing to wear while they are active; many of the pieces are also budget friendly. Before choosing any clothing to wear for exercise, it is important to try it on first to evaluate the feel and fit to avoid discomfort during the activity. Depending on the level of care, the clothes can last for quite a long time.


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