What are the Different Types of Nursery Gliders?

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While there are many variations in terms of the shapes of nursery gliders and the fabrics that are used to cover them, the biggest difference among nursery gliders usually has to do with whether the legs of the glider are exposed. Some gliders have exposed legs and look a bit like rocking chairs. Some have a great deal of their wooden structures exposed and only have attached cushions on their seats, backs, and arms. Others have a dust ruffle or upholstery that covers the entire bottom section of the chair, hiding the legs and the runners that allow for the back-and-forth gliding motion. Nursery gliders may come with matching ottomans.

Nursery gliders are designed in dozens of shapes. Some are very boxy and modern, while others have an overstuffed, cozy look to them. Some are retro and others have clean, refined lines. Just as with any piece of upholstered furniture, it is possible to cover a glider in myriad colors and patterns. Nursery gliders that are pre-upholstered by the furniture companies that manufacture them, however, are often covered in colors that are complementary to colors that are commonly used in nurseries. Such colors include soft tones, pastels, and natural colors such as powder pink, baby blue, cream, beige, and pale yellow.


In almost all cases, nursery gliders are covered with fabric instead of leather. There are, however, some rare models that use leather instead of fabric to cover the chair. These models may be entirely covered in leather or may be only covered in leather on the seats, backs, and arms with the rest of the wooden structure of the glider exposed. Another rare type of nursery glider is the double nursery glider. Double nursery gliders are about the size of a love seat and accommodate up to two adults sitting side by side, which can be beneficial for couples who like to be able to sit together while rocking their baby or babies.

The ottomans that are sometimes sold with nursery gliders also have a few variations. In most cases, the ottomans are made to match or complement the gliders. These ottomans, however, may glide themselves. It is quite common to find a gliding ottoman paired with a nursery glider, but there are also stationary ottomans that can be paired with gliders. Choosing a glider ottoman versus as stationary ottoman is entirely a personal preference.


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