What are the Different Types of Neuroma Treatment?

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A neruoma occurs when a non-cancerous tumor forms around a nerve; this most commonly occurs in the foot, where it is called a Morton's neuroma. In the case of this most common type, the neuroma treatment may include a change in exercise routine to favor more low-impact activities. In severe cases, surgery to remove both the tumor and the nerve may be required. In other areas of the body where development of the tumor may be more of an inconvenience, radiation therapy may be done in order to break up the tumor without performing surgery. For immediate pain relief, anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed.

A neuroma is caused by constant, chronic pressure on a nerve. Improperly fitting footwear and repeated trauma to the feet caused by high-impact exercise make this the most likely location for developing the benign tumor. Depending on the severity and how far the condition has progressed when it is diagnosed, neuroma treatment may be as simple as changing to a more supportive type of footwear to cutting back on the high-impact exercises. Orthopedic supports can also be designed to remove pressure on the nerve.


When a neuroma occurs in the foot or in other areas of the body, surgery is another option for treatment. The outcome depends on where the tumor is located, but if it is large and uncomfortable enough, a medical professional may decide to perform surgery to remove often not only the tumor but the entire nerve as well. This will result in a permanent loss of feeling in the area where the nerve is attached. Another fairly common place for a neuroma to develop is in the inner ear; surgery for this type of neuroma can be difficult and will often end in complete hearing loss.

If there is a danger at stake such as hearing loss, some medical professionals will suggest radiation as an alternative neuroma treatment. Much like procedures to rid the body of cancerous tumors, the mass is subjected to a high dose of radiation until there is a change in the tumor. This may take several attempts and generally does not result in the tumor completely disappearing but only shrinking enough to relieve some of the symptoms.

Once an individual develops a neuroma, the chance for another to develop is high. A medical professional will attempt to determine what caused the condition in the first place; part of the neuroma treatment is typically a lifestyle change that will help prevent it from developing again. In the case of the feet, simply giving the afflicted foot time to rest can help alleviate the pressure that has been building up around the nerve.


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