What Are the Different Types of Network Trainee Jobs?

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There are a variety of network trainee jobs to fit the needs of any candidate. Network trainee jobs typically revolve around computer hardware, software development, technical support and network administration. Every trainee position requires a different level of education and various skill sets, but they all work together to ensure that a computer network runs at optimal efficiency.

A junior network administrator position is one of the more popular network trainee jobs. Individuals in this position will learn the necessary skills needed to design, create and maintain computer networks. Junior network administrators generally are required to have bachelor's degrees in computer science or information systems. In addition to a formal education, many junior administrators are certified in a variety of networking technologies and have several years of computer networking experience.

Many network trainee jobs also consist of hardware engineer trainee positions. Individuals in these roles are responsible for the installation and configuration of computer networking hardware, which can include servers, routers and workstations. Trainees typically have bachelor's degrees in a technical field or are certified as computer technicians.


The role of a desktop engineer is another type of trainee position that is available in the computer networking industry. This position entails providing technical support for desktop-related problems. Trainees are responsible for configuring workstations and various software programs, such as email software. Candidates in these positions are often certified as computer technicians, and many hold at least associate's degrees in a technical field.

A broadband engineer trainee is one of the more important network trainee jobs, because some in this position is responsible for ensuring that the computers on the network are able to communicate effectively with one another as well as with computers that are outside of the network. Trainees often work with technologies that revolve around Internet protocol (IP), transmission control protocol (TCP) and other networking technologies that are critical to the communication and data transmission of multiple computers. These technologies also serve as the foundation of the Internet, so a trainee for this position must ensure that all relevant systems are running efficiently. Someone in this position is required to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or information systems and to have relevant experience in computer networking. These trainees are often able to move into network administrator roles after gaining several years of experience.


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