What are the Different Types of Network Marketing Companies?

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Thanks to the Internet, there are many different types of network marketing companies that offer opportunities to own a business and earn a nice living. Network marketing has grown in popularity as more people are drawn to becoming entrepreneurs and being in control of their own financial futures. While there are certainly many advantages of being a network marketer, it’s important to choose the right type of company before investing in this type of business.

The majority of network marketing companies involve some form or variation of the multi-level marketing or MLM plan. Multi-level network marketing companies provide some type of product or service which is sold by many different agents at differing earnings levels based on the number of sales and recruits. This allows business owners the opportunity to not only make high commission sales with innovative offerings, but it also provides the chance to recruit others into the business, widening the web of networking wider and increases overall earnings.

Another type of network marketing company is that of the direct sales business. In direct sales, a specific product line is offered along with full marketing materials, tools and training to make sure business investors are successful. As items are sold, commissions rise according to the number of products sold within a specific time period. Direct sales can be a very lucrative business if there is an existing market to tap into and if continual networking takes place to seek out new customers.


Party plans are very popular forms of network marketing companies, particularly among parents who wish to work from home and anyone seeking part time supplemental income. While party plans require a small investment to purchase product demos, websites and other marketing materials, many party plan business owners find this a rewarding way to earn a nice income. Party plans allow for flexible scheduling and networking with many different types of consumers and are generally considered the most family-friendly of all network marketing companies.

In the age of new technology, social marketing and affiliate marketing are providing a powerful means for earning extra income in the network marketing arena. Instead of having to make direct sales, those who use social marketing and affiliate marketing can earn a substantial living from passive income. While this requires a great deal of time and commitment, using social media to gain affiliates who can promote and sell the products and services of others is a good way to build a business over the long term and earn more during the lifetime of the company.


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Post 3

@yumdelish - If you have the outgoing personality and good admin skills I think you'd do well with any network marketing opportunity you liked. Quite a few of the women in my family do this sort of thing and they love it. (I don't know why, but men don't seem to do the home based parties.)

To make a decision you could think about what you are interested in. There are companies offering party planning in everything from underwear and candles to toys and cosmetics, with a couple of dozen things in between. Pick an area you have got some interest in, or you'll be bored to tears pretty soon.

You should also check out the local competition. There's nothing really risky about going with a new company, especially if what they sell is something new to your area.

Post 2

I'm quite interested in getting into party planning. It sounds like a good way to earn a little extra money, and who couldn't use that these days?

When I look around the net I get confused by all the opportunities and options. Is it better to go with one of the new network marketing companies, or stick with a familiar one?

Post 1

I once worked with a guy who was involved with a MLM network marketing company. In those days we called it 'pyramid selling'.

Everyone dreaded running into him at the coffee machine as he was constantly trying to persuade you to buy his cleaning products. I guess he was trying to make his hobby into something more long term, but it drove everyone mad.

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