What are the Different Types of Natural Hot Tub Products?

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All hot tubs need to be cleaned and protected against bacteria and mold; more often than not, caustic chemicals are used to accomplish this task, and some of these chemicals can irritate the skin and eyes or cause other health issues. Natural hot tub products solve this problem by keeping the hot tub clean and bacteria-free using natural ingredients rather than synthetic or caustic chemicals. While chemicals such as chlorine and bromine are often used to keep tubs clean, a natural hot tub product that is an alternative to these chemicals is hot tub silver, which is a natural mineral liquid.

Owning a hot tub means one has to adjust the pH level in the tub; the pH level is a measurement of how acidic or basic the water in the tub is. Natural hot tub products are available to safely adjust the pH level by adjusting the alkalinity of the water. They replace spa-up products, which raise the alkalinity level upward, and spa-down products, which adjust the alkalinity down. For a natural hot tub alternative to spa-up, one can use products that contain baking soda rather than other caustic and potentially toxic chemicals. To replace spa-down, vitamin C can do the job.


Many natural hot tub cleansers use seaweed enzymes to clean and disinfect rather than chlorine and bromine. Such enzymes catalyze chemical reactions, and in hot tubs, the seaweed enzymes attract oils and other waste products in the tub. The enzyme then helps dissolve such products, essentially cleaning the tub. It also prevents mineral build-up in the tub, leaving the sides of the tub cleaner and more sanitary. Seaweed enzymes are non-toxic, meaning they are safe to touch and they will not cause itching, burning, or drying of the skin like other chemical products can.

If the hot tub contained products that were not natural and the owner has decided to switch to natural hot tub products, a purge of the water system will be necessary. Chemicals, particularly bromine, will build up in filters and pipes throughout the tub, meaning once the tub is refilled and natural hot tub products are placed in the water, toxic chemicals may still be present. Non-toxic and natural spa purge products can be used to clean the pipes and filters of bromine and chlorine, ensuring the water will be clear of toxic chemicals once natural spa products and treatments are added to the water. It may take more than one purge to accomplish this.


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